In Illustration: The Work of Brian Romero

Juxtapoz // Monday, 27 Jun 2011

Skateboard graphics aren't anything new to talk about— nor are they, frankly, anything to get excited about in the last few years. With most companies slapping down poorly designed logos or half-assed stoner ideas that nobody understands— it's reassuring to see well-rendered illustration and a story being told within the confines of a narrow 32-inch work area.

Brian Romero is old school as fuck. Like the dudes before him (Jeff Phillips, Mark McKee, Doug Cunningham, Jason Noto, et al.), he seems to have an uncompromising and masterful ability to get as much cultural reference and offensive narrative into the art as he can. This, all the time, knowing full well that his art will be scraped off by a 15-year-old kid attempting to board slide a handicapped railing at the local Walgreens.






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