Nil Ultra's Electric Kingdom

Illustration // Friday, May 06, 2011
Cultish anti-cult, demonic dementia, psychedelia class and a heavy hand, Jason Moore is Nil Ultra. The graphic, graphic nature of this Los Angeles based illustrator needs at least two strong drinks, and some really deep, dark metal to digest.  Hailing from AZ- Moore has found somewhat of a haven for himself in LA, teaming up with skate apparel and print companies nationwide.

Kristina Collantes is in Another World

Illustration // Thursday, May 05, 2011
  Kristina Collantes’s illustrations are futuristically organic, otherworldly and a little fantastical with strong graphic technique. She grew up in the Philippines and now lives and works in LA, where she has been practicing a Draw Something Everyday routine in 2011. Her images are heavy on symbolism with an overtly graphical style that echoes the basis of strong design.

Craptical/Moondog is the Future

Illustration // Thursday, May 05, 2011
Ryan Riss, aka Craptical, is firmly rooted in the grotesque school of pop art, drawing heavily from horror comics, drug culture imagery, and the work of Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth. Beneath the irreverence and sophomoric imagery, however, is contrastingly well-controlled line work and a mature sense of design and composition. Via the heavy metal world of HARD FEELINGS.

Pomme Pomme, Love and Hate

Illustration // Thursday, May 05, 2011
Carefully and sensitively constructed, each illustration is bursting at the seams with thoughtful and delicate detail. It is such precision that lends Chan’s work a floating, three dimentional feel, a skill she picked up in formative training as an interior designer in her native Thailand.  Pomme Chan's conceptual and witty text and pattern illustrations maintain taste that reads  airy and refreshing.  Pomme is currently based out of London.

Joel Kimmel, Ice Swan and The Great Escape

Illustration // Wednesday, May 04, 2011
Succeeded commercial illustrator Joel Kimmel incorporates aspects of his personal life into the work he produces for clients.  As an illustration teacher at Cambrian College,  and a letterpress specialist over at Papillion Press, its no wonder Joel's work speaks a high level of professionalism.  With the influence of his french speaking beagle and elements of our natural and constructed surroundings- Kimmel's works remain consistent in their craftsmanship and style.

Before and After Colonialism

Illustration // Wednesday, May 04, 2011
Lately, a lot of West African and Nigerian tribal imagery has piqued Stacey Rozich's interest. 'When I picked up "Things Fall Apart" I was really taken by the story of an African Igbo tribe before and after colonialism. The incorporation of spirituality and superstition was fascinating; the figures of their ancestors were portrayed as frightening masked gods with horns and fur, in one case, smoke rising from his head.'  Stacey is an illustrator out of Seattle, WA.


Illustration // Wednesday, May 04, 2011
Born in Pistoia, Italy, Jonathan Calugi is an illustrator based in Italy and it is from his self-proclaimed chaotic workspace, that he creates his clean illustration and pattern works. Each piece is a take on his quirky child-like doodles with clean minimal lines and simple, uncomplicated colours.

Fauna and Phesants- illustrated works of Tim McDonaugh

Illustration // Wednesday, May 04, 2011
Tim McDonaugh spent his younger years growing up in a rural part of America surrounded by rattlesnakes and snapping turtles which in turn led to his fascination of animals.  He takes a more traditional approach to illustration, using brush and india ink to draw the image and applying his limited color palettes digitally giving them the clean and separated look of a separated silkscreened print- keeping the original black and whites stunning with contrast.

Until Every Last One is Gone

Illustration // Tuesday, May 03, 2011
There's something about Michael Reedy's illustrations that trace the fragile decorative nature of blue and white wares porcelain, the cobalt oxide in his palette, their symmetrical nature... anatomical aggressiveness that hint sepia-toned scenes from a modern Sistine Chapel, like depictions of creation. Elements of collage and this collection of traditional, almost religious imagery feels ceaseless and eternal, or maybe he just knows what he's doing.

Angie Wang's Great Escape

Illustration // Tuesday, May 03, 2011
When Angie Wang was eight she made a mural on her wall out of snot, and that's when she knew she was artistic. Now her illustrated narratives, hand-drawn fashion blogging and futuristic compositions tell the story of someone that was just born with it. With their punchy palettes synonymous to the Father of Deco, Wang's striking resemblance to Erte's decoratively developed color patterns seem advanced beyond their time for this Portland based aspiring illustrator.


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