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Chris Ware does Animation

Illustration // Monday, May 28, 2012
There’s no question Chris Ware’s work appeals heavily to a desire for buy-able products of today that hearken back to a vintage period in American advertising. He is one of the top artists able to do something with those nostalgic aesthetics. His first forays into animation–for National Public Radio’s televised This American Life– work perfectly within the show’s context. Ware has a talent for observation done in his certain small, sad mode by bringing a certain aesthetic touch to a small story.

Mark Dean Veca

Illustration // Saturday, May 26, 2012
'Mark Dean Veca is a purveyor of prehistoric magic: creating space on a two-dimensional plane with a few lines of charcoal, ink or paint. He draws on paper, canvas or walls and uses simple black lines to manifest volume, space and depth. He shares his illusionary worlds and characters to express the internal and external tension of the human condition as he experiences it. His work is visceral and carnal with its depictions of organs and orifices and writhing tendons and intestines.'

Like Minded Studio's Type

Illustration // Friday, May 25, 2012
Sydney, Australia based Like Minded Studios, is an internationally celebrated lettering and branding studio specializing in creating gorgeous, logos and illustrated type. Of their body of work I particularly love the intricate and embellished lettering, which showcases their obvious talent. Some of thie clients include Tooheys Extra Dry, Commonwealth Bank, Sass & Bide, Cadbury, RVCA , Dainese, Hurley, Zoo York, MTV, and Coke.


Illustration // Friday, May 25, 2012
If you ever read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark as a child, then you too, may be haunted to this day by the ghastly illustrations they contained, and how much fun it was read them under the sheets. The drawing by artist Stephen Gammell brought the words by Alvin Schwartz to horrific life, and we suspect are a large part of why it was the most frequently challenged book for library banning from 1990-1999.

Tim McDonagh Illustration

Illustration // Friday, May 25, 2012
Tim McDonagh spent his younger years growing up in a rural part of America, surrounded by rattlesnakes and snapping turtles which in turn led to his fascination of animals. He takes a more traditional approach to illustration using brush and indian ink to draw the image and then applying limited colour palettes digitally. As an illustrator Tim also values detail, which is evident through the meticulous line work.

Paranoid Me: Diego L. Rodríguez

Illustration // Thursday, May 24, 2012
Paranoidme is the alter ego and visual portfolio of Diego L. Rodríguez, Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Spain. He graduated on Bachelor of Humanities, in Audiovisual Production and Digital Photography and has been working in Spain, in Los Angeles, CA and Mexico since then. He is highly motivated to create and is constantly spending his time working, learning & experimenting. His illustrations have been featured in several publications, magazines...

In Pastel and in Sickness

Illustration // Thursday, May 24, 2012
The work of Japanese artist ? (Hi) is nothing short of mesmerizing. The illustrations and completed works are rendered digitally, leaving dreamy, ill looking young men, clad in an explosion of pastel geometric fireworks, bruises and pattern work- as if stuck in some bizarre dream state after waking up from a beautiful plague induced coma. Gore-gous.

The Cartoon Crier

Illustration // Thursday, May 24, 2012
The Cartoon Crier is a sadness-themed newsprint comic strip anthology, put out as a collaboration between the National Cartoonists Society and the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. It’s a tear-filled collection with work from both the newspaper strip world (For Better or For Worse, Mutts, BC, Beetle Bailey, etc.) and indie comics (Chester Brown, Joe Lambert, Laura Park, Michael Kupperman, etc.) and available to read online! Tear.

Natsuki Otani Illustration

Illustration // Wednesday, May 23, 2012
'I have a style that is best described in colour and realised in detailed design. Bold vibrant colour forms the basis of a working practice that seeks to unite dreams and reality. I try to give the viewer a feast of colour and complexity, my surreal macabre touches are the counterpoint to my sweet and childlike innocent subjects.' Natsuki Otani is a Tokyo born illustrator working in England.

Seiko Kato

Illustration // Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Seiko Kato is originally from Japan and moved to England in 1999, she fell in love with this country and it’s history. Seiko creates collage often of minute detail but on impressive scales, there is a macabre but playful sense to her work that is reminiscent of Victorian imagery. While exploring Life, Death and Surrealism, her work resonates with captivating, vibrant beauty.


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