John Berkey's Epic Universe

Illustration // Wednesday, June 06, 2012
John Berkey (August 13, 1932 – April 29, 2008) was an artist known for his epic space and science fiction-themed illustration works. Some of Berkey's best-known work includes much of the original poster art for the Star Wars trilogy, the poster for the 70s re-make of King Kong and also the "Old Elvis Stamp". He worked as a freelance artist from the 1960s, after an eight-year stint at a St. Paul, Minnesota advertising agency. He resided in Shorewood, Minnesota.

Richey Beckett Illustration

Illustration // Tuesday, June 05, 2012
'I can’t stress enough just how important the preparation is, sometimes. I’ll spend more time on that than the illustration. I’ll create collage sheets for each project, either for reference or just a collection of imagery that has the right feel and atmosphere, and then I’ll surround myself with that whilst I work. Symbolism is not only important, but also interesting, and I enjoy using a project as a catalyst to discover new things...' Richey Beckett

Anatoly Fomenko's Abstract Mathematics

Illustration // Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Anatoly Fomenko, a Soviet and Russian mathematician born in 1945, feels the need for expressing abstract mathematical concepts through artwork. Since the mid-1970s, Fomenko has created more than 280 graphic works. Not only have his images filled pages of some of his own books on geometry, but they have also been chosen to illustrate books on other subjects by many other mathematicians...

Diana Lange: Nature of Code

Illustration // Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Diana Lange has created a processing application that searches for images on Flickr and creates these beautiful compositions based on the color data of the image. 'This little program looks for photos on flickr by a given search word. Afterwards, the colors of the photos are analyzed. The color itself gets detected and how often each color is found. This data is the foundation of every stem. Each segment represents one color of the photo, the diameter shows the quantity...'

Cezar Berger's Black Magic

Illustration // Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Cezar Berger aka Berje, raised by wolves in the 90's, is an illustrator and graphic design student at the Centro Universitário Belas Artes.  His art synthesizes elements in a constant rage state, creating nostalgic compositions and giving new meaning to the signs. In his new work Berje creates a repertoire that includes new dark age, black magic, symbols, Black Metal, Wavves, teen spirit, art and creatures as well as many post-modern elements.

The Goblin Universe at New Image Art

Illustration // Monday, June 04, 2012
New Image Art gallery in LA recently opened their latest exhibition - "The Goblin Universe" featuring artwork by Matt Furie and Michelle Devereux. Expect the usual assortment of imaginative, hyper coloured "phantoms, monster sluts, and other mythical creatures" from Furie, all alongside Devereux's new series "Dudes on Pizza", which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. This is Devereux's first show on the West Coast, so make sure you don't miss it! The Goblin Universe will run through to 7 July, 2012.

The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Illustration // Monday, June 04, 2012
A master, Albrecht Dürer, was a German painter, printmaker, engraver, mathematician, and theorist from Nuremberg. His prints established his reputation across Europe when he was still in his twenties, and he has been conventionally regarded as the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance ever since. His vast body of work includes altarpieces and religious works, numerous portraits and self-portraits, and copper engravings...

Vanilla Acid?!

Illustration // Monday, June 04, 2012
I mean, just when I think I've seen the most terribly awesomely epic thing in the universe, like those primary colored paintings of dinosaurs playing sunglasses in a anarchy driven rock band (you know who you are dinosaurs) THIS guy appears. Marcelo Aliste (RANO?) is responsible for these face melters, living and working in Santiago, Chile, where apparently there is something hallucinogenic in the water that i need. BOOM.


Illustration // Monday, June 04, 2012
'Sin-Eater lives deep in the heart of Herefordshire’s countryside. Here his fascination of animal forms grew & gave birth to his passions for the collecting of taxidermy & theory of evolution. A cynic of photoshop all of his artwork is created by hand. His desire is for Sin-Eater to belong among the Albrecht Durer’s. Detached from the contemporary Sin-Eater's work is a call into the echoing chasms of the past.'

Dirk Erik Schulz

Illustration // Sunday, June 03, 2012
Growing up in the Ren and Stimpy generation, I can't help but be amused by and attracted to the grotesque, exaggerated work of German artist Dirk Erik Schulz. His cartoonish, and grossly sarcastic illustration style is reminiscent of the era of Mad magazine and early Nickelodeon, when I dreamed that one day I could get slimed on You Can't Do That on Television also...