Daniel Frost Illustration

Illustration // Thursday, October 11, 2012
'Here is a print I made for the recent Kotki Dwa album launch at YCN. The album is called "Staycations" which was also the theme for the show. So I thought what better way to illustrate the idea of "holidaying at home" than with making a jungle den in your own room. Cacti and Spider plants are so cool to draw!' Daniel Frost is an illustrator based in London.

The Yehteh

Illustration // Thursday, October 11, 2012
Philipp Dornbierer got his creative alias as The Yehteh (original diction of the Yeti) from his enjoyment of mythical creatures and snowy days. However, he'd be happy with any type of weather as long as he has a few sharpened pencils, his notepad and some inspiration. A number of clients who have previously trusted him are IBM, The New York Times, 55DSL, Bloomberg, Carhartt, Land Gallery, Yellow Bird Project, Yes Cincinnati & many more.

The Sketches of Julia Petrova

Illustration // Thursday, October 11, 2012
Julia Petrova is an illustrator who lives in Moscow, Russia. She uses several methods for creating her works on paper or in her moleskin including pen, watercolor and collage. She creates illustrated portraits and landscapes, sometimes adding an element of surrealism to her creations. View more of her work and her moleskin collection on her website.

Truth Typography Illustration

Illustration // Thursday, October 11, 2012
Karan Singh is an Australian illustrator and designer currently residing in New York City. With experience gained from working at a multidisciplinary studio and spending the past five years working independently as an illustrator, Karan's projects have seen him interact with a gamut of clients ranging from local design boutiques to internationally recognised brands and agencies.

Illustration and Design from Kustaa Saksi

Illustration // Wednesday, October 10, 2012
The bizarre, futuristic landscape illustrations of Kustaa Saksi, a Finish born artist, with Scandinavian design roots, have obvious roots in our natural landscape and technological tendencies. In his work, his unique imagination enables him to combine organic touches and viscous shapes into beautiful surreal landscapes. Saksi has exhibited in Paris and Barcelona.

Marina Muun

Illustration // Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Marina Muun was born in Bulgaria in a town by the sea, grew up all over the place and is currently based in the UK. She enjoys drawing and painting various things – but mostly in the form of acrylic paintings and digital illustrations or the odd object picked up from the street. She gets her inspiration from the natural, unnatural and supernatural and everything else that might be lying around. Every painting she creates is an attempt to capture and convey a feeling...

Sarah Maycock Illustration

Illustration // Wednesday, October 10, 2012
As an artist, illustrator and designer based in Southeast London and represented by Handsome Frank, Sarah Maycock's work reflects an expressive, free representation of our natural environment. While her range of projects varies between all types of outputs, her watercolor wash and ink work of animals and landscapes remains consistent.

Roman Kreemos

Illustration // Wednesday, October 10, 2012
A series of posters illustrated and designed by Roman Kreemos in the summer of this year, 'Don't Stop', 'No Future' and 'Make More' are intricatley rendered black and white arrangements of conceptualized still lifes, containing both traditional elements and contemporary text treatments. This series of graphic art-works was created for a personal project (Faces&Laces 2012).

Jon Vermilyea: Guts, Gore and Good Times

Illustration // Tuesday, October 09, 2012
While I wanted to say 'just in time for Halloween', I think the trends of Guts, Gore and Good Times are a year round thing in the work of illustrator, animator and cartoonist Jon Vermilyea. There's plenty of slicing and dicing, jack o' lanterns, oozing orifices and melting membranes to last you at least until October 31st in this Los Angeles based artist's work. Spooooooky.

Jarrod Goldman Illustration

Illustration // Tuesday, October 09, 2012
'Much of the vocabulary of my work comes from the photo lab where I am employed restoring old photos. I see images of other people's lives all day, digitizing and fixing the imperfections. From these photos I collage hybrids- layering people and places together to create new moments that would not exist otherwise. I find importance in these hybrid moments, when something as impersonal as a photo of an anonymous subject takes on a new history...


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