Olka Osadzinska

Illustration // Thursday, January 10, 2013
Olka Osadzinska is a young artist from Warsaw, Poland. She has worked on various national and international art projects, as well as cooperated with brands such as Hugo Boss, Nike, Reebok, Jägermeister, Max Factor, SABMiller and others. She has also worked for numerous advertising agencies in Poland and abroad, clothing brands, and fashion and lifestyle magazines. In 2009 she organised the first and the most successful art fair in Warsaw, The Art Yard Sale.

Drawings from Andrew Archer

Illustration // Thursday, January 10, 2013
'I’m greatly inspired by surrealism, juxtapositions and sublime narratives but more specifically wood block prints, edo period art, cartoons, ideograms, characterization, travel and Asia. Through my work I’ve been lucky enough to work within a range of super cool mediums including editorials, advertising, web, moving picture, storyboards and more and continue to do so. I have also had the opportunity to work with a whole load of lovely people who continue to inspire and support me to do what I do.' Andrew Archer

Yana Moskaluk

Illustration // Thursday, January 10, 2013
Yana Moskaluk is a young illustrator from Russia. As a teenager living in Siberia, Yana decided to pursue a career in the arts and moved to Moscow to begin work when she was only 19. Yana’s work is dark and playful and has a balance between intricate linework and clean planes of color. She is influenced by Japanese printmaking and love for the sensual and the grotesque.

Jen Mann Illustration

Illustration // Thursday, January 10, 2013
'From her sketches, Jen has developed a style of digital collage using her illustrations. By scanning in her drawings and layering them in Photoshop, she creates delightful translucent images, with compositions that merge together animals, feathers, flowers and breath-taking women. These little treasures are paired with short poems that send the viewer into a fantastical world she has imagined for us to escape the tedious "every day".'

Zhang Xiaobai's Tattooed Illustrations

Illustration // Wednesday, January 09, 2013
Gorgeous tattooed Illustrations by Zhang Xiaobai, a talented illustrator based in Beijing, China. She graduated in Xubeihong Art College of People’s University and has since chosen to pursue her passion in the arts. Xiaobai creates tattooed illustrations inspired by classical Chinese women, and each illustration tells a beautiful, sometimes emotional story.

Eibatova Karina's Cosmic Illustrations

Illustration // Wednesday, January 09, 2013
Eibatova Karina ( Eika ) is an illustrator and fine-artist, born in Leningrad, Russia. Eika specialises in drawing, illustration, murals, video, calligraphy and typography. Her portfolio reveals a versatile artist equally adept at colourful surrealist explorations as well as more traditional approaches. She has been published in various international books and magazines and has collaborated with several musicians for video and album-cover projects.

The Work of Sam Wolfe Connelly

Illustration // Wednesday, January 09, 2013
Sam Wolfe Connelly is a young artist and illustrator, currently living in New York, after graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design, in Georgia. His work has been featured in the Society Of Illustrators Student Show 2010, NewYorkTimes.com, Creative Quarterly, and used by Playboy Magazine, Penguin Books, Sundance Film Festival, Hasbro, Night Shade Books, Tor Books, Magic: The Gathering among many others.

Kelly Durette's Muerte Girls

Illustration // Tuesday, January 08, 2013
Gorgeously ghastly portraits of macabre and morbid females from the talented illustrator Kelly Durette, an artist from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With a serious attraction to dark imagery, Kelly's renderings are done with an uncanny precision and appreciation for the dead. Love.

Hideaki Kawashima

Illustration // Tuesday, January 08, 2013
Hideaki Kawashima was born in Aichi, Japan and he later attained a BA from Tokyo Zokei University. Kawashima is known almost exclusively for his single signature style and creates works that are almost exclusively of mysteriously jellyfish-like women. Almost every piece of his is similar in composition and palette, and his consistency in his work has amazing beauty and appeal.

Geraldine Georges Illustration

Illustration // Tuesday, January 08, 2013
Geraldine Georges is a young Belgian illustrator and graphic designer that uses a wonderfully sophisticated blend of illustration and photography in her work, creating an appealing mix of mediums. Her work is often abstracts the female form, capturing the eye and imagination. Her fashion influence is apparent throughout her portfolio.


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