Joan Tarrago's Linear Screen Prints

Illustration // Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Joan Tarrago is a prolific illustrator based in Barcelona who has designed for everyone from John Galliano to Ray Ban. His distinctive linear screen prints often incorporate complex interlocking vines, lines or fur, but his simple palette and precise hand manage to keep even the most intricate designs looking clean and fresh.

The Works of Kim Roselier

Illustration // Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Kim Roselier's watercolor illustrations are studies of human interaction, in which tangled masses of characters sometimes try and often fail to relate. In these works, Roselier uses an unwieldy painterly medium to create clean lines and shapes -- an impressive feat. He is based in Paris, France.

Pete McDonald

Illustration // Tuesday, November 27, 2012
A look across Pete McDonald's portfolio reveals a totally heterogeneous, varied body of work. McDonald's versatility is his strong suit, leading to collaborations with such illustrious clients as Google, Nike, Converse, Sundance Film Festival and Coke. A freelance designer, illustrator and animator, He is based New Zealand.

Works by Jonathan Burton

Illustration // Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Jonathan Burton's works have an old school, vintage flair, which he updates with elements of the odd or uncanny. Burton has worked as an illustrator since 1999 after graduating with a MA from Kingston University, London. His work has appeared on covers and in the pages of TIME, Nature, New Scientist, The Times, Plansponsor, The Wall Street Journal and many more magazines and newspapers....

Drawings by Leah Yerpe

Illustration // Tuesday, November 27, 2012
'Leah Yerpe recontextualizes the human figure in highly choreographed drawings and paintings.  Bodies are multiplied in different poses, twisting, floating and falling on a ground purged of contextualizing marks. She believes that art is an exploration of contradictions and raw emotions that need to communicate the intangible.  Her models are given free reign to move their bodies without direction in a sort of immediate, improvised dance...'

Saville's Artifacts

Illustration // Monday, November 26, 2012
In recent years, Saville has explored the surreal origins and mysterious forms of human remains, geology and archeology. Her work looks both at the process of making drawings and the material used to achieve it. Saville's preferred sources are often photographs from scientific or archaeological textbooks. Purely documentary and non-subjective in their approach, these images catalogue an archive of curled and gnarled human phenomena.... read more

Jimbob Isaac's Momenta

Illustration // Monday, November 26, 2012
Created for the ‘Life & Death In Black And White’ exhibition, Jimbob Isaac's new piece 'Momenta' is a beautiful example of his capabilities as an illustrator. 'I concentrated on time as the central theme, and the importance of staying in the present moment. It’s the only thing we have, after all. ‘Momenta’ will be exhibited and on sale at the ‘L&DBW’ show, opening Nov. 2nd at The Loren Naji Studio Gallery, in Cleveland, Ohio. He has also made a limited run of A3, Giclee prints...

Daily Dose of Darkness: Bryan Proteau

Illustration // Monday, November 26, 2012
Working primarily in black ink, there is no shortage of black metal death in the work of San Francisco based artist and illustrator Bryan Proteau. Having done a whole mess of work for apparel, music and clients, Bryan's pen and ink illustrations

Steven Daily's Sketch Theater

Illustration // Monday, November 26, 2012
I love the whole concept behind Sketch Theater's process videos. If you havn't already checked out what they're doing over there, go take a look. Here is a quickie from Steven Daily. 'Steven James Daily incorporates the wonder of new vision with the transformative detail of a mature mind. His journey has allowed him to witness key elements in the American artistic landscape and to have stood shoulder to shoulder with both the brutal and the benign...'

Sketches and Ink from Henry Lewis

Illustration // Sunday, November 25, 2012
Henry Lewis is a tattoo artist and prolific painter from San Francisco who often combines human, animal, and textual elements into his mythical works. This collection of sketches and ink paintings--with dragons, beasts, and Asian-inspired linework--almost looks like it could be found in a museum of ancient paintings, but the amazingly tripped out energy of these works is all his own.


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