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If Pizza is a Vegetable, Pull the Plug

Juxtapoz // Monday, 21 Nov 2011
"Pizza is a vegetable" is a go-to punchline for those who wish to express their frustration with our corporation-controlled government and its sold out politicians. But the recent chicanery around classifying small amounts of tomato paste as a full serving of fruit or vegetable is just a taste of the absurd slop being doled out by our policymakers on a daily basis.
Congress rejected new FDA guidelines which would have increased the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables children would be served in school lunches, and maintained an absurd stricture which stipulates that tomato paste "will continue to get outsized credit, with one-eighth of a cup essentially counted as something four times larger."
Kristin Wartman wrote so well about it, she garnered a retweet from the Grand Poobah of Grub himself, Michael Pollan: "This vote by Congress makes it abundantly clear who calls the shots when it comes to feeding our nation's children. According to the New York Times, food companies have spent $5.6 million lobbying against these new rules."
While Wartman ties this controversy to the "We eat what we like" attitudes of Sarah Palin and the Pizza Godather himself, Herman Cain, she makes a more interesting point at the end of the piece: kids today are programmed to like this crap. Via advertising, media complicity and the simple phenomenon of taste bud bombardment, every successive generation develops an insatiable hunger for junk:
"The food industry literally shapes and changes the palates of our children. Constantly eating sugary, salty and fatty food products adjusts taste preference to the point that simple, real foods taste bland and unappealing. While the food industry insists that it only advertises to children 'to influence brand preference,' a study published in the journal Appetite found that the food industry works to, 'fundamentally change children's taste palates to increase their liking of highly processed and less nutritious foods.'"
Advocates like Pollan and Wartman seem to think Congress can somehow save us from Big Agriculture if we just vote in the right people or make the right points in op-eds or write books 'til we're blue in the face, but if a rat comes and poops on your pizza, you have to throw out the whole tray. Until these big agricultural conglomerates like Schwan, ConAgra and ADM are dismantled, until the farms of this country are used to grow foods rather than amass profits, until the kleptocracy is deposed and replaced by a form of governance which enfranchises and empowers all citizens, they're gonna keep serving us rat turds and telling us they're sausages.


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