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I AM...a benefit event for the JLA memorial fund x Brothers skate park

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 10 Dec 2009

Brought to you by us, Juxtapoz Magazine, Volcom, and Vans, this event is a grand mash-up of art, snowboarding and skateboarding cultures.

A raffle ticket will be provided with door entry, which goes directly to the JLA memorial fund and the BROTHERS skateboard park. Prizes will be awarded from Volcom, Vans, Burton, the Northface, Analog, and more.

Music will be provided by DJ BARON, producer of Flip skateboards "Extremely Sorry" Soundtrack, and San Francisco bands Stagger and Fall, Attitude Problem and Gull.

The night features the "I AM SNOWBOARDING" art exhibit in honor of Jeff Anderson, recently shown on FUEL TV's "The Weekly Update."

Participating Artists: Jamie Lynn, Mike Parillo, Mark Gonzales, Danny Zapalac, Bryan Iguchi, Adam Haynes, Trevor Graves, Shem Roose, Scott Lenhardt, Jeff Curtes, Nick Russian, Blotto, Shane Charlebois, RYNo, Ben Brough, Ryan Boyes, Tim Zimmerman, Stormriders, Kevin Zacher, Ethan Anderson, Michael Jager, Jared Eberhardt, Billy Anderson, Devon Weniger, Cheyenne Ellis, Matty Thompson, Jamie Heinrich, Chris Brunkhardt, Matt Donahue, Jane Baer, Stan Evans, Robert "Sticky" Shaw, Chris Owen, Tyler Lepore, Patrice Miller, Dustin del Giudice, Todd Hazeltine, 2jaws, MMSA, Jamie Mosberg, Jojo Whitmarsh, Neil Buttermore, Carl Smith, Shawn Webber, Michael Page, The Oyster Pirates, Anna Stewart, Mary Joy and Sham.

Support art, snowboarding and skateboarding.
Thursday, December 10th @ Club Six
60th Sixth St.
San Francisco



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