How to Collage With Artist Vik Muniz and His Starry Night Works

Juxtapoz // Friday, 05 Oct 2012

We live in a time when reimaging both content and materials is the sign of the times. Enter Brazilian visual artist Vik Muniz and his famed remaking of the famous Van Gogh painting Starry Night from various magazines. Here, Muniz shares his process for creating intricate collages based on images that "are already part of our collective visual memory." The piece is part of Vik's best-known large-scale pieces, "Pictures of Magazines."


In this video, we get an insight into how Vik and his team repurpose magazine clippings and other ephemera into huge collage pieces that are familiar and entirely new at the same time, and learn how Vik, Intel and Levi's, under the "Friends of..." program are inspiring creative learning in Brazil HERE.

Thank you: LevisxIntel


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