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House in the Outskirts of Brussels

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 23 Jun 2011

We don't often get the chance to cover architecture on this site, but when something truly is a work of art, we have to comment. Belgian firm, Samryn and Partners, just finished creating the "House in the Outskirts of Brussels," a mixed use professional studio and private quarters for a cinematographer and his family.

Obviously, the front side with the plant growth is impressive, but the other side of the home is just as amazing. As DesignBoom notes, "presented as a lush curved facade, the dwelling features a semi-circular form that follows the path of the sun. Designed to benefit the vegetative exterior skin, the contoured orientation generates a protective outwards aesthetic, directing the internal organization away from neighboring structures. on the opposing west side, a fully glazed wall
merges indoor and outdoor spaces, each room open and exposed to the adjacent private grounds."



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