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Honda Project Drive-In: Saving A Piece of Artistic Heritage

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 01 Oct 2013

For years, Juxtapoz favorites Robert Williams, Eric White, Von Dutch, and Big Daddy Roth have depicted their love of car culture and cinema with a sense of nostalgia and pride. There have even been a few Drive Ins sneaking their way into the works. Sadly, if you live in America, that slice of history is leaving us, as many Drive-In theaters are vanishing across the US due to high costs. Pretty cool then that Honda has a new campaign to help save this slice of cinematic history. See how @Honda is helping save the Drive-In with their new project, #SaveTheDriveIn.

We gathered some paintings of car culture and drive-ins from our web archive today, from Robert to Eric White, Keith Weesner and others who made it into our Car Culture book


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