High Heeled Ice Room by INSA x Ben Rousseau

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 08 Jan 2009

Taking their collaborative work to a whole new level, INSA (Juxtapoz #96) and designer Ben Rousseau have recently returned from 3 weeks in the arctic circle, where they were invited to create one of the artist suites in the legendary Ice Hotel in Sweden.

In a continuation of their shared love of high heel aesthetics, the room's main feature is two huge snow legs descending from the ceiling, wearing a pair of gigantic ice heels. Sexy.

Each heel, at over six feet high and two tons in weight, was hand-carved from pure natural ice harvested from the Torne River.

Between the legs is the bed, crowned by an ecclesiastical arched window featuring an engraving of one of INSA's signature line patterns.

The rest of the room resembles something between a house of worship, gallery, or boutique with more iconic arches housing smaller heel sculptures and other symbols of commercial wealth.

In temperatures as low as minus 35 degrees and taking just under 3 weeks to complete, this suite, along with the other amazing rooms at the Ice Hotel, is now open for guests to check out. Bring your jackets or a really, really hot date to check out the frosty room; or just take a peek at more photos the pair passed our way here…




INSA working


Ben working








More info can be found on INSA's blog at www.insaland.com/blog


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