Herb & Dorothy Vogel: The Vogel 50x50 Project

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 20 Oct 2011

You probably know the story; Herb and Dorothy Vogel (the postal worker and librarian), who were the subject of the inspiring documentary beacuse of their extraordinary passion that redefined what it meant to be art collectors. But their story isn't over, and Kickstarter is promoted a fundraiser to help move their collection around the US.

Trailer for the film . . .

You by now that Herb & Dorothy became a bit of a cult hit and the extent of their art collection became public knowledge, and the Vogel's donated their entire collection to the National Gallery of Art. Around 2008, the Vogels, along with the National Gallery of Art, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services, launched the The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection: Fifty Works for Fifty States. The program is set to donate 2,500 works to 50 institutions across 50 states.

But here is what is being promoted on Kickstarter now...

Herb & Dorothy 50x50:

After releasing HERB & DOROTHY, the film that first told the story of the world-class art collection amassed by a postal worker and a librarian, I thought my role as narrator of this remarkable couple’s story had come to an end.

But then a surprise announcement was made by the National Gallery: a historic gift project to give 50 of the Vogels' works to one museum in each of the 50 states—a total of 2500 works. Sixteen years after they transferred the collection to the National Gallery, the number of works had grown to over 4000, more than the Gallery, one of the biggest museums in the country, could handle. The gift project was launched as a solution (click to see the Vogel 50X50 site.) I began documenting the movement. This was no ordinary event.

The collection that Herb & Dorothy built out of pure love and passion has long since outgrown their one-bedroom apartment in New York City, and now their art is spread throughout US, reaching areas where contemporary art was previously inaccessible. From preschoolers to seniors, we watched visitors enjoying, learning and contemplating from the collection as we filmed. The impact of Herb & Dorothy’s gift to this country is simply immeasurable.

Your support will not only allow us to complete this film about the extraordinary life story of a modest couple. It will also help us preserve and promote a spirit of generosity towards the arts in America, a spirit in grave danger due to the difficult economy— as art programs are almost always the first to be eliminated (due to budget cuts) in public programs and education. Herb & Dorothy’s example of dedication, thrift, passion, and generosity, is something the country can appreciate now more than ever.

Please join us in bringing this film to life. Accessibility to art is key in developing creative and innovative minds, as Herb and Dorothy have taught us. And this Kickstarter campaign can create that access.


GO TO KICKSTARTER NOW, check out what you can donate for, what you can get in return, and other special features of the Vogel's story.


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