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Hamburger Eyes Photo Epicenter

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 28 Feb 2007
From the folks who brought you "...the most epic magazine ever..." comes a new endeavor. Hamburger Eyes has teamed up with the Color Arts photography lab in San Francisco, CA to create a broader multi-use facility. This union of an established lab with the creators of one of the most progressive photography magazines will build on the foundation that started with Hamburger Eyes. Building on the 20 year history of Color Arts, the H.E.P.E. is continuing a long tradition of providing quality service to those who persist in using the debris of the analogue. They have extended the hours (10am-10pm) to help give working stiffs time to print during their off hours, as well as expanded photo classes and workshops. There is a zine counter with an array of photo-based content and independently produced CDs and DVDs. A lighted area for studio photography is available and a computer area is set up to scan and provide other electronic needs.

The Hamburger folks have a history of quality photography and a unique style in the tradition of Henri Cartier-Bresson and other life photographers. With a firm foot rooted in history and the skills to back them up, brother Ray and David Potes and their photographer pal Stefan Simikich will be introducing a digital lab as well as bringing a traditional wet printing to the black and white set up in the current Illford 2240 print processor lab. They'll also be taking orders for custom prints in both color and black & white.

At the opening event, photos from the Hamburger collection hung in the main studio space. Moments of life in all its hilarity and scandal were pleasantly hung and lit. The individual parts of the ultimate Hamburger had their work on the walls; lettuce, tomato, onion, paddy, pickle and mayo - Ray Potes, Ted Pushinsky, Jason Roberts Dobrin, David Uzzardi, Dylan Maddux, David Potes, Dennis McGrath, Ryan Furtado, Thomas Stavnes, Patrick Griffin, Stefan Simikich, Silver Warner and others. While some of the content of the photos might offend some, their beauty is still valid and their content timeless.

Photos by Dick Wray

Photographers Ted Pushinsky and Jason Roberts Dobrin

Hamburger head tomato, Ray Potes hard at work

Hamburger patty, Dave Potes

Photographer Dennis McGrath

Happy Ray Ray

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