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Guy Denning:

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 05 Mar 2009

Picture this – the end of a private view of a group show including the works of Guy Denning. A woman walks in to the gallery carrying too many Tesco’s shopping bags. "How can I buy the piece in the window?" she asks. Walking past the gallery she'd seen the large Denning drawing from across the road and was drawn to cross over. Ten minutes later, she was in the gallery saying "I love it and have to have it." It later transpired that she had never heard of Denning, had never bought an artwork before, but was still more than happy to hand over more than a grand to own the piece.

This is the magic of Guy Denning. His work seems to exert a powerful hold on a wide range of viewers. The secret of his success lies in the impressive iconic faces that he paints. These images are not so much about personality but more about an implacable nature. Many of the faces appear to have survived some catastrophic or traumatic event and seem stronger for it. They are ageless and timeless. Despite their darkness in both coloring and surface affect, there is a very positive energy about them that holds the attention and makes you want to linger.

See more of Denning’s work in his upcoming solo show Ad Nausea at Signal Gallery in London from March 27th – April 18th, 2009. More at

See more of our favorite new pieces from Guy Denning below:




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