Guest Blog: Anne Faith Nicholls

Juxtapoz // Monday, 11 Jun 2007
From the Corners of My Mind, snapshots from Anne Faith Nicholls and her current East Coast exhibition at Lineage Gallery in Philadelphia.

Photos and text courtesy of the artist

I just got back from a pretty sweet 2 week trip to Philadelphia and New York City for my show that just opened at Lineage Gallery. Here are some candid shots of the good times. Photos by Jacob Arden McClure, Nate Kalushner, and myself.

First stop Philly. My boyfriend, artist Jacob Arden McClure, came along with me. Of course we had to see the Rocky Statue at the Philly Art Museum (my favorite museum in the country). We didn't run up the stairs, like he did in the movie, because it was about 90 degrees and really humid. But we saw some other dude rip off his shirt and do it for the camera, and almost have a heart attack at the top.

We stayed at Motel Liner (as in Josh Liner of Lineage Gallery) who hooked us up with a sweet Aero Bed on his living room floor. Thanks Josh! Here he is on the street, standing next to a newspaper machine painted by Jim Houser. Bolt cutters anyone?

View inside from outside Lineage Gallery.

Adding the finishing touches on an installation.

Me sitting with photographer Nate Kalushner. If you need a good photog in Philly, look him up.

Artist Jacob Arden McClure sitting. Art: "Collect My Thoughts"

It was a pretty crazy, sweaty opening party. It was also the "First Friday Art Walk" in Downtown Philly.

I was surprised no one stole the lock of hair that I draped over some wire in my installation.

To create a 3-D version of some of the recurring symbols in my paintings, I created some one-of-a-kind wooden wall sculptures for the show, like this black rain cloud.

Another wall sculpture of flames.

People always ask me what my favorite piece is that I did for a show. For this particular body of work, it was this one. "Lady and Vizsla". It's about a young girl and her dog embarking on a wet and uncharted journey. This body of work was very much influenced by Surrealist Art and Colonial American Folk Art and Portraiture.

Two small portraits and a wall sculpture.

These two sisters came up and introduced themselves to me. They were so sweet! They were really excited about this painting "3 Sides to the Story" because it reminded them of their relationship as sisters. I am always thrilled and surprised when people can find something all their own in my work, because I think of my work as being so just me.

Derek Ihnat came out for the show too! I met Derek in San Francisco when he worked with White Walls, and now he's living in Philly and totally rockin' the art world.

Greg (Craola) Simkins with his beautiful and expecting wife, Jenn.

Tim works with Lineage Gallery and is sooo helpful and cool! Thanks Tim.

Besides painting and sculpture, I also did some new works on antique photographs from my personal collection. Art: "If The Cut You Open"

Art: "Angry Young Chemist"

Painting: "No Regrets at Bedtime"

Show Title

After the show, we went to this underground party somewhere in a really ghetto Philly neighborhood. We thought it was BYOB, no cover. Turns out is was a $10 cover with no outside drinks allowed. But in Philly, you can't just go out and buy a 6 pack, you have to get it at a bar, for like, $20. So Josh and Tim sold their 6 pack to these kids on the roof outside the party for $80! And then got us all into the party. Fucking Philly, man.

Our last day in Philly, we did some exploring in the Historic District. Philadelphia paints their buildings nice and bright!

Me in Elfreth's Alley, the oldest Residential Street in America, circa early 1700s.

Felt a bit like Europe

Next, we took the Chinatown bus to NYC. Greetings from Rockafeller Center!

An exhibit at the Guggenheim, or a Dance Dance Revolution Convention?

Here I am in the Metropolitan Museum of Art at the Neo Rauch Exhibit, which blew my mind! Everyone should go and see this work.

Oh Neo, you're my favorite.

More Art

When you spend hundreds of dollars on art books at the Met, you........ up an appetite for street food.

This is New York Artist, Tim Warner. Tim took us to some pretty great galleries in the Chelsea Art District. He also took us to a great Monday Night, New Wave, Brit Pop club that was HOPIN" and put everyone to shame with his awesome moves on the dance floor. He's soo cool, he's even got his OWN van!

Me in front of a Wayne Gonzales pen and ink wall.

We also visited Jonathan Levine, who was nice enough to have us as his guests at the super hush hush, totally pre-sold and underground Faile Show Opening. Here I am with my favorite NY photographer, Aaron Hawks. That was the last night in NYC, and I had a fantastic hangover on the plane ride home the next day.

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