Weathered Con

Graffiti // Tuesday, February 17, 2015
A classic Con panel on a flatcar from 1998 sits in an East Chicago yard and is visibly weathered from enduring the last 17 years.

Looking out from Berlin's passenger trains

Graffiti // Monday, February 16, 2015
Many cities in Europe are still experiencing a golden era for painting clean trains. In Berlin the trains are riddled with colors from hundreds of writers and the windows are all completely covered. Here are some great photographs of what it looks like from the inside..

Maple x Stalk end-2end

Graffiti // Monday, February 16, 2015
An all white ARMM painted by Maple and Stalk is benched in an all white snowy landscape.

Saigon Scenery

Graffiti // Monday, February 16, 2015
An artist by the name of Saigon surprisingly transformed a BNSF boxcar into a scenic snowcapped landscape. We're sure even the railroad workers found this car to be unusually interesting amongst everything else they typically see on the lines.

New Staer piece

Graffiti // Monday, February 16, 2015
Staer stays making high-performance spray lettering on an assortment of surfaces.

Hands Off Real Graffiti!

Graffiti // Monday, February 16, 2015
And Skel carries on the never-ending battle of graffiti writers versus street artists/muarlists. His punch line of, “Hands off real graffiti!” is highly appropriate and absolutely perfect here.


Graffiti // Sunday, February 15, 2015
Amuse126 brings some heat to the frigid Chicago winter dropping multiple pieces in the abandoned Wrigley Gum Factory.

DR.SEX x 8

Graffiti // Saturday, February 14, 2015
This is no trackside or chill spot. This is hot spot in Oakland and Dr.Sex made sure you got the point by doing his name 8 times! 

Scene Report: Los Angeles

Graffiti // Friday, February 13, 2015
Each week we feature updates on current graffiti scenes in a number of major U.S. cities with the help of a few select photographers. Walter Yetman aka The Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye delivers this week’s Los Angeles Scene Report.

False Mayhem

Graffiti // Friday, February 13, 2015
False with the poppin’ color for the outline in the frigid snow.


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