Middle Finger in the Air

Graffiti // Tuesday, April 17, 2012
These recent collaborations with Mes rocking characters next to peoples throwups are looking great.

Hense at RVA Street Festival

Graffiti // Tuesday, April 17, 2012
If you didn’t know any better, finding the connection to this mural and the work of graffiti writer, Hense would be difficult.  We really enjoy this newer abstract work he has been creating lately.

Rustic Revs

Graffiti // Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Here are two great pieces by Revs welded to the streets of New York. Possibly the most resilient and durable street art one could put up for all the variables of extermination.

Omye x Begr

Graffiti // Monday, April 16, 2012
White outline, black background and super colored dot line bubble swirly raindrop everything else.  Win.

The Spot

Graffiti // Monday, April 16, 2012
This looks like a great spot to loiter, sleep, get drunk, have sex, break bottles, make friends, locate your stolen bike, get in fight, find god, and do graffiti all at the same time.  Oh, and fight the power.

Lucky Desio

Graffiti // Monday, April 16, 2012
Not that this piece needs any help cause it pretty great, but those towers cookie cutter buildings make for one hell of a picture.

Faust Hands

Graffiti // Monday, April 16, 2012
That’s how you make a slap tag for catching some eyes.

Ice Cream Cruiser

Graffiti // Monday, April 16, 2012
We think our ice cream would taste that much better if it were served to us in this truck.  There would be no mistaking it from 2 blocks down.

Misguided Youth

Graffiti // Sunday, April 15, 2012
Get ready; the new generations of graffiti writers are tough, rebellious, and taking over their parents shed in the backyard. There are also two future Crips in this photo, they will have to make enemies with there Blood buddy in time.


Graffiti // Saturday, April 14, 2012
Wais’s newest piece looks similar to a sculpture with a nicely airbrushed background.