Vans & Rime

Graffiti // Monday, December 12, 2011
There is plenty of free space along this dreary freeway for Vans and Rime to take full advantage of.

Sunday is for Sprayin

Graffiti // Sunday, December 11, 2011
What are you doing on the computer on the holy day for sprayin? Go out, find an old abandoned spot, and see what you can come up with.

Triple Threat

Graffiti // Saturday, December 10, 2011
This is the product of three quality graffiti writers collaborating together on an old white rusted boxcar.

Friday Spotlight: Geso

Graffiti // Friday, December 09, 2011
  Every Friday we feature someone old or new, traditional or unconventional, active or not, and so on. This week’s spotlight is on Geso.

Parking Placement

Graffiti // Friday, December 09, 2011
An easy way to identify where you left your car.  Mkue section, second floor.

Two Toned Horfe

Graffiti // Friday, December 09, 2011
It’s getting difficult to keep u with the abundance of work Horfe’s been creating lately.  Two colored burners, game over.

Twist Throwback

Graffiti // Friday, December 09, 2011
Back in 1989, this is what a Twist straight letter with some characters in Psycho city would have looked like.  Still clean and crisp, even 22 years ago.

Sueme Sanitation

Graffiti // Friday, December 09, 2011
This new Sueme burner appears to be pleasantly coexisting with some discarded trash.

100 % Illegal x2

Graffiti // Friday, December 09, 2011
And this round goes to graffiti.  It stings, ohhhh it stings so bad.

Mq Back!

Graffiti // Thursday, December 08, 2011
Continually applying his two-letter throw up in the streets over numerous generations, graffiti writer MQ took some of his work indoors to Last Gallery in Tokyo.  Simply titled, MQ Back, the legendary bomber continues his repetitious rampage on metal and various other mediums, accompanied with his own photography.


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