The Railroad Ravager

Graffiti // Wednesday, September 04, 2013
With the assistance of Godzilla and his fire breathing breathe, Mers is able to ravage the railroads with merciless destuctive aggression. Always good concepts when this artist paints trains.

Born to be wild

Graffiti // Wednesday, September 04, 2013
Get your motor runnin'…Head out on the highway…Looking for adventure…In whatever comes our way! Keno and Ilke are born to be willdddd!

The Funk Truck

Graffiti // Wednesday, September 04, 2013
The funk truck is just funkin around not really giving a funk. Funk that!

"Pataganne" @ Sunset Résidence

Graffiti // Tuesday, September 03, 2013
The Sunset Residence Pataganne present an exhibition of new work by Parisian artists, Ken Sortais and Horfée on September 11, 2013 in Lyon, France. The exhibition is being hosted in conjunction with the resonance Biennale of Contemporary Art in Lyon and the VIP route Dock Art Fair in Lyon. “For this exhibition proposal, and the unique collaboration between artists and Ken Horfé Sortais, the duo decided to delve into the intricacies of childhood, a theme that animates and nourishes plenty steps each."

New Sawe

Graffiti // Tuesday, September 03, 2013
With just a few lines to define the letters and some unique embellishments, Sawe does a stand u job at making this piece interesting.

The Martial arts of Letters...

Graffiti // Tuesday, September 03, 2013
Karate is at the top of out list of favorite graffiti names. It’s just a cool sounding word. His “K” and “R” look as if they are throwing some low kicks on the other letters. Hiyah!

Arrows on everything...

Graffiti // Tuesday, September 03, 2013
And the award for the most arrow crazy throw up goes to….drum roll…..Jeans. 

Kuma x Dont

Graffiti // Tuesday, September 03, 2013
The straight letter expert, Kuma, gets down with the throw-up specialist, Dont, in the never-ending abandonees that is Detroit.

New Work from Zoer

Graffiti // Sunday, September 01, 2013
We have featured the work of Zoer in the past, a lot. With an talent for illustration, good lettering fundamentals and a knack for placement in sometimes unusual locations, Zoer is creating unconventional graffiti in his approach. Imagine what this guy can do with Illustrator and a pen tool!

New Jenks Piece

Graffiti // Saturday, August 31, 2013
Never one to disappoint in the department of funk and flavor, Bay Area veteran, Jenks drops another serious spray paint heater on the streets.


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