I Know It's Over

Graffiti // Thursday, July 11, 2013
We are guessing this saying is in reference to The Smith’s song “I Know it’s Over,” but we could be absolutely wrong and it could be referring to something completely different. Painted by Spain.

Kuma is crushing skulls

Graffiti // Thursday, July 11, 2013
Kuma’s letters went for a vacation in Paris where they started crushing skulls and smoking. Must be the bad influence of Horfe.

Rest in Peace Middle Class

Graffiti // Thursday, July 11, 2013
This train and the truth speak for itself on this one.  Are you receiving the message being sent? Loud and clear from where we are standing!  

An Update with Cony

Graffiti // Thursday, July 11, 2013
Today we catch up with Parisian graffiti writer, Cony, who has been painting throw ups of hands holding daggers along with an assortment of other graffiti vandalism.

Score x Fence in Moscow

Graffiti // Wednesday, July 10, 2013
In just two day, Blues Crew members, Score and Fence, completed this large wall in Moscow for the Most Festival.

Happy Bday me...

Graffiti // Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Large doing what he does best, painting clean boxcars, legible, with just enough flavor.

Sofles at Roskilde festival

Graffiti // Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Participating in the Roskilde festival in Denmark, Sofles dropped four back-to-back burners side by side on a black background.

Arbe in Detroit

Graffiti // Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Arbe from the Last To Survive crew dropped this cool piece in Detroit recently.

"MSKINGS" by Gary

Graffiti // Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Gary has an exceptional talent for simple font-styled lettering, painted extra clean. As exemplified in this new “Mskings” piece.

Video: "Sleepless In Seoul" - featuring Utah x Ether

Graffiti // Tuesday, July 09, 2013
In their fifth video Installment showcasing Cap Adapters, Oink Art LTD presents “Sleepless in Seoul” featuring graffiti writers, Utah and Ether. Much like previous videos in other parts of Asia, the graffiti duo can be seen getting away with daytime bombing in front of pedestrians with ease. 


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