Good Morning Viewing:123Klan's new video

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 11 Nov 2010

Husband and wife duo Scien and Klor make up 123Klan, a design and graphic house based in Montreal. They are the makers of BANDIT-1$M, a brand with some of the most clever graphics being created today. And they make video shorts, like the one you see below.

In our upcoming December issue, Jux' New Media and Technology Editor, Alexander Tarrant, sits down with 123Klan for an extensive piece on their French hip-hop roots, mid-1980s brand awareness, and their uncanny ability to use digital tools to create the 123Klan body of work.

But for now, enjoy 123Klan's new video.

123KLAN GRAFF oct 2010 - MONTREAL from 123 KLAN on Vimeo.


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