Glenn Beck Makes Artwork: We Recommend He Keeps His Day Job

Juxtapoz // Saturday, 01 Dec 2012

Furthering his title as biggest POS in American media, we turn to Glenn Beck.

Andres Serrano's
Piss Christ (1987), which has always been the subject of outrage and controversy for those of the right wing, has now been brought into a new dialogue with an artwork by none other than conservative radio-host Glenn Beck in his amateurish and kitsch "Obama in Pee Pee" which is very much just that. The immature title fits quite well, because the ironic gesture is done so on a very low budget. Beck simply peed in a mason jar and dunked a tacky figurine of the 44th President right in there.

Beck obviously thinks of himself as quite the jokester. While not quite brave (or capable) enough to answer Jerry Saltz' challenge to curate two exhibitions, he feels he can dive right in there and put his red beret and creative juices to work.  After clearly stating that the constitution allows people to make controversial art in response to a painting of Obama being crucified, he then proceeded to make his own very piss-soaked version of the president priced at $25,000. It will be very interesting to see who will be willing to fork over a large hunk of cash for good ol' Glenn's distasteful use of his own wiz.




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