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Get Bidding at Charity Buzz

Juxtapoz // Sunday, 01 Nov 2009

If you love Ellis’ Untitled (Silver ink and acrylic on LP sleeves, 21 x 2.75 x 13, 2009) like we do, bid on it now here.

The first wave of auction goodness is underway now and will close on November 2009. It features the first 100 pieces, including works from the likes of Robert Williams, Charlie Isoe, The Clayton Brothers, Ed Roth, Jeremy Fish, Kehinde Wiley, Josh Keyes, and many more.

The second wave will open on on November 24th and close December 20th, 2009, auctioning 40+ pieces, including works by David Choe, Brandon Boyd, Sam Flores, Augor, Natalia Fabia, Tim Biskip, and more.

It’s all online now at

Check it out. Even if you’re broke as a joke, it’s still great to see what’s available and maybe you can convince that rich uncle that you really, really need an original A.J. Fosik wood sculpture for your bedroom. It’s a good investment.





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