George Condo's "Mental States" coming to New Museum in NYC

Juxtapoz // Monday, 15 Nov 2010


This isn't a bandwagon "Kanye West" collaboration thing (although the art that George Condo is creating for Mr. West is extraordinary), we have been eyeing George Condo's work for quite some time. And now we can get a little closer. Coming early next year, Georoge Condo will have "Mental States" on display at New Museum in Manhattan.

So yes, the Kanye West artwork over the past few months has brough a bit of mainstream focus upon Mr. Condo's career, but the New Museum will present the first conceptual survey of twenty five years of work by the American artist Condo. He is famed for his development on the idea of “artificial realism”, which he began in the early 1980s. Those who have follwed Juxtapoz over the past 16 years should feel a bit comfortable with that notion of "artificial realism."

The exhibition opens January 26, 2011. More information as it comes. Visit the New Museum regardless because its a fantastic space with a great program.

(The following work will not be in the show, but work we enjoy from Condo)






George Condo
Mental States
January 26, 2011—May 15, 2011
New Museum
New York, New York