Fujiko Nakaya's Fog Bridge Installation @ The Exploratorium, SF

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 30 Apr 2013

If you can't wait until summertime on the Golden Gate in San Francisco, Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya has built one of her famous fog installations at the Exploratorium between Pier 15 and Pier 17. 800 high-pressure nozzles cover a 160-foot bridge in fog/mist that visitors can walk through. We suggest you make a nighttime visit, as the lights add a surreal atmosphere to the installation.

Fujiko Nakaya is the daughter of physicist Ukichiro Nakaya, known for his work in glaciology and snow crystal photography. Fujiko has created her water vapor environments and landscapes all over the world, including her Cloud Parking on rooftops in Linz, Australia.

The installation will be on view through September 16th.

Cloud Parking in Australia:



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