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Freddi C's Circle Tutorial

Juxtapoz // Monday, 28 Aug 2006

HOW TO PAINT CIRCLES - A lot of my mates who are artists always ask me, 'How do I get my circles so neat ?' So I'm giving Juxtapoz the inside scoop on my circle techniques .....
First off you have to have a big selection of music. Note I'm still a bit old school and don't yet have an iPod ???

Tools !!! I use the cheapest brushes I can buy because I hate that one stray hair - and ruling pens for the circles. I use a ruling pen compass you can get them in art stores, some office stores carry them as well.

Ahhhhhh new brushes - I don't throw them away afterwards. I recycle them, so they will be used for other paints like One Shot or house paints, etc..

Paint - NOVA COLORS rocks. It's right around the corner from my studio in Culver City. The paint mixes well and gives a nice flat coverage, but best of all it's cheap.

I try to be pretty organized or I can never find anything and will spend hours looking for one thing.

My trusty ruling pen - so the trick to using this sucker is to make sure that the paint you are filling it up with is watered down a lot so it flows out nicely with ease. Then keeping your pen clean build up of dry paint will block the flow. I use a cutting knife to scrape out the dry paint. Don't leave it in water or it rusts, and that also blocks da flow.

See, a nice smooth circle. Wow it's that damn easy?! Who would have figured. If only my hands weren't so shaky, I'd probably be able to free style these damn things, but hey, that's why they make cool tools.

Then I just fill in

This is when I drift off in to my world of numb thought!

I mainly paint flat. It comes from years of doing textile designing, so my perspective has altered to this state.

Layer one done

Layer two on its way

I like circles a lot...

...but some times i break out and will add a cloud.

Finally I add my fav imagery - djs. The show I'm doing all of these for pays homage to the DJ, so I'm getting to paint all my favs.

oh and a few MCs too !

You can check out my interactive solo exhibition this September, 2006. For details visit Have fun painting your circles!



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