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Flavio Samelo x Bearded Ladies at Museum of Image x Sound

Juxtapoz // Friday, 30 Jul 2010

Photographer and painter Flavio Samelo is one of a handful of artists asked to contribute to NOVA, a unique exhibition at Sao Paulo’s MIS – Museum of Image and Sound. We went to check out the action and were impressed with what we saw.


NOVA is unique in that the artists were asked to create their works and installations on-site, during open museum hours. This permitted viewers to see the artists at work, before their final pieces were fully ‘ready’ to show. Through a few of the artists expressed slight hesitation, the unanimously stated that they had a good time with the experience.


The notion of NOVA is to break down the barriers between creator and viewer, inviting on-lookers to participate in the process. Take a look at Samelo’s contributing; a piece within the already set-up wall mural by the Brazilian pair known as Mulheres Barbadas aka the ‘Bearded Ladies.’









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