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First Five Episodes of Alex Pardee's Animated Chadam Films Now Live

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 15 Jun 2010

“The first five episodes of CHADAM quietly appeared online at as of last night at 2am,” Alex continues.


“It, indeed, has been a long ride, but I hope it is not even close to over. I will spare you the long-winded details of the exhilarating ride that it was, but now that it is released, expect some additional content and stories and stuff that I can now finally share after having to keep quiet for so long.


“Please take a few minutes to watch the first episode, and if you enjoy it, there are already FIVE full episodes up, with the final five episodes going live on June 22. As of now, there are no plans for any further distribution, like DVD or anything, so please let WB know somehow that you want to see it in other capacities! That's the only way it's gonna go anywhere. As with everything else I do, and we at Zerofriends do, we are the underdog, and we need your help and love!”



Season 1: Ep. 1 “Cut from Cardboard”



Season 1: Ep. 2 “Ripley, Believe It Or Not”




Season 1 : Ep. 3 (Repressed) Memories, From the Corner of My Mind


Season 1: Ep. 4 “Under Pressure”



Season 1: Ep. 5 “The Unsung and Undeveloped Hero”




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