Finder Man: An Excerpt from Tom Waits in Conversation with John Baldessari

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 15 May 2014

In our October 2013 issue, coinciding with Tom Waits' new book of photographs with Anton Corbijn, we asked famed California-based conceptual artist, and Waits collaborator John Baldessari to engage with him in conversation. Topics ranged from youth, controlling accidents, and not taking serious art seriously. The following is an except from that conversation that was left out of the feature but included in our Perspective section accompanied by a Munk One illustration. 

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Tom Waits: I would like to play a detective in a film. I think it would be a good part for me. But I would really like to play a superhero.

John Baldessari: Yeah, which one?

One I made up.

What is his name ?

Finder Man!

Finder Man… What is Finder Man ?

Well, I find things that you have lost.

You what?

[I find] Everything that you have ever lost. I will help you find everything. You lost your keys when you were 18 on prom night? Well… I will help you find those keys.

And what kind of outfit would you wear?

I don’t know. I guess I would have a big “F” and, well, I would wear a leotard and thick glasses like a jeweler. And I would carry this huge magnifying glass.


Oh! And I would have my underwear on the outside, of course.


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