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Field Notes: Unconventional '08 at The Manifest Hope Gallery and Barack Obama at Invesco Field

Juxtapoz // Friday, 29 Aug 2008

Reporting from Denver after Wednesday night’s raging party at The Manifest Hope Gallery and Barack Obama’s presidential nomination acceptance at Invesco Field last night, Juxtapoz’ Erin Dyer:

“Holy shit the madness has finally died down some. Unconventional '08 was a total success, with Sarah Silverman opening the party up with a funny bit, then Mayor Newsom's attempts at funny that, well, weren’t (“Where's Matt Damon when you need him?”) but all in all Shepard Fairey and Z-Trip kept the party bouncin' with hours of proper sets between the two of them all night long.” 

“I left at 2:30am and people were nowhere close to ending the dance party. The Date Farmers were rolling sauced and happy, and Maya Hayuk's photo booth piece was a raging success with partygoers collecting up photo booth style shots of them with friends and strangers alike.”

“Unconventional ’08 was definitely the event to be at Wednesday night (plenty of locals also did their best at talking themselves into the space), as was Invesco Field at Mile High for Barack's speech last night. Democratic energy was off the charts as John Legend and Will.I.Am warmed up the crowd pre Stevie Wonder, "I love you all. Just remember, every one of these songs I sing is with love for you.”

“The night ended with Barack as the cherry-topped sundae, of course, who spoke to the crowd of 76,000 about his goals as president and why his change is one everyone can believe in. (“Yes we can!” was quite the popular chant.) Aside from the mob exodus, I report with great sincerity it's been a powerful experience witnessing first hand history in the making. To Denver and the DNC 2008.” —Erin Dyer

Shepard Fairey parties with wife Amanda (left) and Erin Dyer (right)

Artist Maya Hayuk is feeling the excitement (or perhaps just the drinks...?)

Juxtapoz friend Brinley Kelly reppin' the mag like a true fan

A packed house for Unconventional '08

Z-Trip on the tables

Next day: Invesco Field in Denver Colorado for Barack Obama’s acceptance from the Democratic Party for the 2008 Presidential nomination

Pledge of Allegiance led by Olympic balance beam champion Shawn Johnson (left)

Jennifer Hudson sings the National Anthem

John Legend (in white) and Will.I.Am

Stevie Wonder

Democratic National Convention 2008: Barack Obama's running mate, Senator Joe Biden 

Finally, the man of the night delivers an excellent acceptance speech: Go Barack!




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