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Felipe Yung aka Flip with His Magic Eye

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 22 Jul 2010

A friendly, jovial, and thoughtful man, Flip is a member of the renowned Famiglia Baglione (along with Herbert and William Baglione, Sesper, and others). We caught up with Flip this past week in Sao Paulo to talk about his work as he was prepping his installation piece for Transfer.


Flip’s piece is intriguing because viewing the actual process of creation gave those lucky enough to be around a view of his work that no other spectator will ever see.


Flip’s concept revolves around fear and perception. The inside panels of his walls are spray painted with orange, brown, black, and tan colored camouflage patterns. He then completely boxed in his painted walls with one black wall, luring viewers’ eyes toward the dark wall’s center where there was drilled in place a peephole, identical to one you might find on an apartment door.


“The concept came from seeing a lot of hidden messages; things that I see but you don’t,” Flip explains. “But when we look together, I can explain. When I put a hole in the wall, you cannot share the experience with others, it’s up to you to experience your own view and perception alone.

Flip at work

Organized spray cans

The black wall was placed where the metal rods stand in this image


“In Sao Paulo people don’t go out because they’re scared,” the artist continues. “Not everyone is scared, but people are always looking around to see what others are doing. All doors in people’s homes have a peephole, what we call a ‘magic eye.’ People want to be safe and have privacy, so they look out of this eye at their neighbors to see what they are doing instead of opening the door.


“People can be scared of different things; to steal your things, to steal your time (if you have boring neighbors). Each person has a different view of the same thing.


“Inside my camouflage, something I have studied for a long time, there are subliminal messages. You will find a lot of things if you look.


“Before you open the door, you always look first. I want people to think about their own vision as well as my vision in this work.”


Stay tuned for a studio visit of Flip and fellow artist Herbert Baglione's new Sao Paulo studio space.

Camo close-up shot before the black wall was put into place over it

Flip alongside friend and fellow artist, Sesper while setting up his politically charged installation

A look through the magic eye


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