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Ten years ago, my perception of the potential of a retail shopping experience was forever skewed when I strolled into the newly opened Mollusk Surf Shop, located in the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco. Well-curated products, art adorning the walls, navigable layout, basically the whole package was thoughtfully executed. However, the undeniable jewel in the space was the stylish treehouse occupying an entire corner of the store. Unlike your stereotypical treehouse, this particular montage was fabricated with attitude and stylish funk.
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Helen Schmitz's "Kudz Project" http://www.juxtapoz.com/photography/helen-schmitz-s-kudz-project http://www.juxtapoz.com/photography/helen-schmitz-s-kudz-project Helen Schmitz's
In The U.S. the invasive vine Kudzu (originally from Japan) is spreading at 150, 00 acres annually and kills trees and shrubs by heavy shading. Their presence is most prominent in the Southeastern region of the U.S., where they are highly visible from freeways and just about anywhere. Stockholm-based photographer, Helen Schmitz has been documenting this aggressive vine in her beautiful back and white photographs in a project simply called Kudzu Project.
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JR's Latest Photomural on Immigration http://www.juxtapoz.com/street-art/jr-s-latest-photomural-on-immigration http://www.juxtapoz.com/street-art/jr-s-latest-photomural-on-immigration JR's Latest Photomural on Immigration
We wanted to share the latest mural by JR, part of Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program’s Open Source project, which is a series of installations in public space which call attention to various social issues. This mural, called Migrants, Ibrahim, Mingora – Philadelphia, is an exploration of immigration. Ibrahim Shaw, the subject of the work, grew up and studied at a university in Pakistan, then came to Philadelphia to work in his uncle’s food truck. 
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"Alice: 150 Years of Wonderland" @ the Morgan Library & Museum, NYC http://www.juxtapoz.com/current/alice-150-years-of-wonderland-the-morgan-library-museum-nyc http://www.juxtapoz.com/current/alice-150-years-of-wonderland-the-morgan-library-museum-nyc
An excellent exhibition, "Alice: 150 Years of Wonderland" is now up at the Morgan Library & Museum in NYC through October 11, 2015. This exhibition will bring to light the curious history of Wonderland, presenting an engaging account of the genesis, publication, and enduring appeal of Lewis Carroll's classic tale, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
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“O” by Ward Robert (NSFW) http://www.juxtapoz.com/photography/o-by-ward-robert-nsfw http://www.juxtapoz.com/photography/o-by-ward-robert-nsfw “O” by Ward Robert (NSFW)
In the series “O,” photographer Ward Roberts creates nude portraits along with the gradients of sunsets. Similarly to much of the artist’s work, specifically his documentation of courts, this series explores pastel-hues. The images appear washed out and evoke feelings of bleakness and serenity.
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Scene Report: New York http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/scene-report-new-york-8234234234234 http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/scene-report-new-york-8234234234234 Scene Report: New York
Each week we feature updates on current graffiti scenes in a number of major U.S. cities with the help of a few select photographers. Ray Mock aka CarnageNYC delivers this week’s New York Scene Report.
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Cendrine Rovini's Eerie Mixed-Media Worlds http://www.juxtapoz.com/current/cendrine-rovini-s-eerie-mixed-media-worlds http://www.juxtapoz.com/current/cendrine-rovini-s-eerie-mixed-media-worlds Cendrine Rovini's Eerie Mixed-Media Worlds
We posted on Cendrine Rovini's mixed media pieces before. Her current work is a similarly eerie mix of characters and surreal landscape, pieces that imply narrative depth. 
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Watch: Brixton Broadcast Barcelona http://www.juxtapoz.com/music/watch-brixton-broadcast-barcelona http://www.juxtapoz.com/music/watch-brixton-broadcast-barcelona Watch: Brixton Broadcast Barcelona
Our friends at Brixton held their Brixton Broadcast event in Barcelona a couple weeks back, here is all three installments of their video series documenting performances from Aliment, The Saurs, The Parrots, Thee MVP’s, Bazooka, Sultan Bathery and Wau y Los Arrrghs!
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Germen Crew Transforms Houses in Mexican Village into Bright Mural http://www.juxtapoz.com/street-art/germen-crew-transforms-houses-in-mexican-village-into-bright-mural http://www.juxtapoz.com/street-art/germen-crew-transforms-houses-in-mexican-village-into-bright-mural Germen Crew Transforms Houses in Mexican Village into Bright Mural
Germen Crew, a youth organization that works in public space in Mexico worked with local authorities this month to transform a hillside village into a dramatic mural. The project took place on a hillside in the Palimitas district in Pachuca, Mexico. The houses created a mosaic-style mural, and covered 215,000 square feet of painted space. Through the project, the group worked with 452 families in 209 households, who helped choose colors of paint.
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Natalie Fletcher's Optical Illusion Painted Bodies http://www.juxtapoz.com/current/natalie-fletcher-s-optical-illusion-painted-bodies http://www.juxtapoz.com/current/natalie-fletcher-s-optical-illusion-painted-bodies Natalie Fletcher's Optical Illusion Painted Bodies
Natalie Fletcher is a body painter who uses her technical skills to create optical illusions on skin. She also creates photographic scenes, blending her subjects into the background, whether a landscape or wallpaper. Fletcher lives in Bend, Oregon and recently won "Skin Wars," a reality TV competition show for body painters. Natalie is currently on a cross-country road trip body art project “100 Bodies Across America“. The trip started in March 2015 and she’ll be painting 2 people in each state. 
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