Juxtapoz Magazine - Juxtapoz Magazine - Homehttp://www.juxtapoz.comThu, 26 Feb 2015 23:17:53 -0800Joomla! - Open Source Content Managementen-gbRomina Ressia asks “What Do You Hide”?http://www.juxtapoz.com/photography/romina-ressia-asks-what-do-you-hidehttp://www.juxtapoz.com/photography/romina-ressia-asks-what-do-you-hideRomina Ressia asks “What Do You Hide”?
In her series “What Do You Hide?”, Argentinian photographer Romina Ressia explores what people hide about their true identity in the effort to conform to social norms stemming from the desire to be accepted by all. Whether it is lifestyle preferences or physical attributes, Ressia mirrors this need to hide our true self by abstracting the human figure through the use of colorful patterned fabrics which stand in as a metaphorical camouflage. 
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"Iran" by Manuel Tannerhttp://www.juxtapoz.com/photography/iran-by-manuel-tannerhttp://www.juxtapoz.com/photography/iran-by-manuel-tanner
Manuel Tanner is a photographer currently living in Berlin. His series Iran, shares views from his time visiting the country. Though taken from an outsider's perspective, the photos in his series capture the country's capital city, Tehran, in a delicate manner, showing intimate and often serene moments.
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Cali Thornhill Dewitt "Busted On The Hot Spots" @ V1 Gallery, Copenhagenhttp://www.juxtapoz.com/current/cali-thornhill-dewitt-busted-on-the-hot-spots-v1-gallery-copenhagenhttp://www.juxtapoz.com/current/cali-thornhill-dewitt-busted-on-the-hot-spots-v1-gallery-copenhagenCali Thornhill Dewitt
EAT OUT OF YOUR GARBAGE CANS it says in black gothic lettering embroidered on four large American flags stitched together to form a cross. A profound visual entry to Cali Thornhill Dewittʼs iconic text and image based work (Cali shot a portrait of Sage Vaughn in a recent issue of Juxtapoz). The piece instantly reminds us of the economic inequality that exists and is growing in the world, where less have more and more have less.
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The Mysterious World of Jan Durinahttp://www.juxtapoz.com/erotica/the-mysterious-world-of-jan-durinahttp://www.juxtapoz.com/erotica/the-mysterious-world-of-jan-durinaThe Mysterious World of Jan Durina
We like the type of photography where elements seem to appear out of nothing, where characters seem to be practicing witchcraft in some black forest in another dimension. And this is where we are at with Jan Durina. We posted about the work back in 2011, and we feel like this is fairytales on acid. 
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David Korty @ Wallspace, NYChttp://www.juxtapoz.com/current/david-korty-wallspace-nychttp://www.juxtapoz.com/current/david-korty-wallspace-nycDavid Korty @ Wallspace, NYC
Wallspace is pleased to present our first solo exhibition with Los Angeles-based artist David Korty. For this exhibition, Korty continues his recent series of Blue Shelf paintings, where hand-drawn or printed objects, figures and abstract fragments are collaged onto startlingly deep blue grounds, arranged on shelves or stacked in architectural and anthropomorphic compositions. 
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Scene Report: New Yorkhttp://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/scene-report-new-york-9328378434874234234http://www.juxtapoz.com/graffiti/scene-report-new-york-9328378434874234234Scene Report: New York
Each week we feature updates on current graffiti scenes in a number of major U.S. cities with the help of a few select photographers. Ray Mock aka CarnageNYC delivers this week’s New York Scene Report.
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New Paintings by Cesar Biojohttp://www.juxtapoz.com/current/new-paintings-by-cesar-biojohttp://www.juxtapoz.com/current/new-paintings-by-cesar-biojoNew Paintings by Cesar Biojo
We have shown the work of Colombian-painter Cesar Biojo on the site before, but the artist has updated his site with a few new paintings that we wanted to share this morning. His site notes of his work, "Cesar Biojo holds degrees in Fine Arts and Art History from Florida State University and currently works on a Ph.D. in Art Research from the University of Barcelona. His works are oil portraits created from pictorial resources that are destroyed inmedialty leaving an evidence behind."
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Beautiful Short Film on "OSGEMEOS" by Ben Morhttp://www.juxtapoz.com/street-art/beautiful-short-film-on-osgemeos-by-ben-morhttp://www.juxtapoz.com/street-art/beautiful-short-film-on-osgemeos-by-ben-morBeautiful Short Film on
Produced by Ben Mor, this surreal short 2-minute film on Os Gemeos transmits the essence of the twin's world in as playful a vision as their work itself is.
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Robert Mickelsen "Weapons of Peace" @ Habatat Gallerieshttp://www.juxtapoz.com/current/robert-mickelsen-weapons-of-peace-habatat-gallerieshttp://www.juxtapoz.com/current/robert-mickelsen-weapons-of-peace-habatat-galleriesRobert Mickelsen
Now on display at Habatat Galleries in West Palm Beach, FL is "Weapons of Peace," an exhibition by Robert Mickelsen. "As long as humans have been on the planet, they have made weapons. And as long as humans have made weapons, they have made art. Human weapons have always had an element of art in them. The question is why? Why make an object designed to kill beautiful? I believe it says something profound about what it means to be human.
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Paintings by Kaspian Shorehttp://www.juxtapoz.com/current/paintings-by-kaspian-shorehttp://www.juxtapoz.com/current/paintings-by-kaspian-shorePaintings by Kaspian Shore
Kaspian Shore is a self-taught artist traditionally working in oils, graphite, and acrylic washes. He is also the founder of the PRISMA Collective which just has it's 3rd Annual Group Show at Scope Art in San Francisco.
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