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Feature: Kelly Lynn Jones

Juxtapoz // Friday, 09 Nov 2007

Artist and entrepreneur, Kelly Lynn Jones runs her online, indie art and publishing venture, Little Paper Planes, out of her Los Angeles home. This is also where she continues to produce and evolve her artwork. Kathleen Brzezinski visited Kelly at her home/studio and talked with the artist about her approach and the nature of her paintings.

Words by Kathleen Brzezinski. Photos by Matt Rubin.

Artist Kelly Lynn Jones' mid-century inspired apartment in Los Angeles contains a dodgy trail of cacti that line the walkway to the front door. "My new hobby is gardening," she tells me later, "I have been collecting those for the outside porch." I met Jones a couple of times over the course of a year, so I knew what to expect when I made my impromptu visit to her studio. Jones is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, mild-mannered sweetheart. Her studio is in a bedroom turned workspace, with windows overlooking the Hollywood Hills.

We were quick to start a dialogue about her work, since I knew her time was extremely limited. What consumes a majority of her life is an on-line art cartel she runs called Little Paper Planes. I didn't catch all the details about her artwork due to my short attention span for conversation, so I resorted to emailing her a couple of questions, giving her time to fully explore her thoughts. When I received her response, I found her ideas about her work contrasted with what I saw. While Jones' work is based around the heartfelt ideas of home and community, there was something much more menacing about her work




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