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Feature: Audrey Kawasaki

Juxtapoz // Sunday, 10 Jun 2007

Photos and words by Jolene Torr

Pleasure: in the moment of. Audrey Kawasaki's girls stare stonily, giving way to listless abandon. In their certain sadness, in their cooling reserve, there is still a sweet charm to these tousled enchantresses, who are both ethereal and vulgar. "I think it's the struggle that appeals to me," says Kawasaki, "Of youth and innocence and life as anew." She's discussing the subject matter of her work, how she often depicts very young-faced girls erotically. "And then the inner turmoil. The conflicting self," she says of the social pressure and the idealization of sex at the coming of age. "It's so fragile and beautiful to me. The delicacy and vulnerability of that time."




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