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Faith47's Epitaph: Video Installation Show

Juxtapoz // Friday, 16 Oct 2009

Not all epitaph's have to mark sadness or loss. Faith47’s (Juxtapoz #94) exhibition Epitaph is opening at Mr. Ego in Brussels October 17th, 2009. This South African based artist will be premiering the third video project between herself and Rowan Pybus with music by Inge Beckmann.

Running from October 17th through November 21st, Epitaph is an art installation and video presentation.

“It is an exploration of lost spaces entered through sounds and images to reveal the echoes of empty rooms, flakes of paint, swollen curves, fragile lines, stories hidden in the flat colors broken apart by wood and steel,” explains Faith47.

South African artist Faith47 is known for her unique style and elegantly gritty work with a spray can. For this exhibition, she has worked closely with Inge Beckmann  and Rowan Pybus to produce a short video piece which she presents in the form of a visual diary exhibition.

Epitaph runs at Mr. Ego in Brussels from October 17th through November 21st. More info on Faith47 at




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