George Rennie's Carved Cupid

Erotica // Tuesday, September 16, 2014
No one did erotica like the Greeks and Romans, and this sculpture by George Rennie depicts the boy-gods responsible for the birth of erotica itself. An incredibly rendered marble statue of Cupid and a young man is entitled "Cupid Rekindling the Torch of Hymen," circa 1831. We'll leave the rest of the myth to you.


Erotica // Monday, September 15, 2014
Mou.turbo is an annonymous illustrator based in Monterrey, MX. The artist has a sketchy, pen and ink style, emulating very provocative and rather pronographic imagery. Most of the pieces showing off sexy girls in a sort of alien world setting, Mou.turbo most definitely makes an annonymous name for himself in the illustration circle...

Conrad Roset: The Art of the Muse

Erotica // Monday, September 15, 2014
Historically, the relationship between an artist and their muse can range from a complex, private and intimate connection to, in our world of new media, one of pure visual stimulation and inspiration, without physical benefits or complications. Since the beginning of time, muses have been present in the visual arts, driving the creative process and enhancing it for many notable artists...

Amanda Manitach's T-Shirt Girls

Erotica // Monday, September 15, 2014
Amanda Manitach is a curator and artist in Seattle and her drawings and watercolors are ethereal and foreboding. In a recent series, she dresses her macabre, erotic characters in cheeky T-Shirts.

Fearless Fantasy: Works by David Seguin

Erotica // Monday, September 15, 2014
David Seguin, an illustrator and graphic designer from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, focuses beautifully on stylized, figurative-intriguing illustrations...

Red-Hot: Dani Goldstein

Erotica // Friday, September 12, 2014
Dani Goldstein is the visual artist behind PICS BY DANI. Dani was made in New Jersey and established in Boca Raton, FL; raised between palm trees and beautiful people. Her passions have always been rooted around traveling, live music and artistic expressions...  

Erin M. Riley: Sex and Weaving

Erotica // Friday, September 12, 2014
As your typical, curious being, I can certainly side with some of the interesting spectator commentary and possible benefits that may go along with this influx. Artist Erin M. Riley, who directly pulls from some of these images, has taken advantage of our current state of disrobed selfies in her often explicit, woven textiles...

The Work of Sarah Whalen

Erotica // Friday, September 12, 2014
The artwork of Sarah Whalen is an unfiltered portrayal of one of the most primitive interactions we can have with another human. Not only does she capture the moment so purely, through her toned style and palette, but by presenting the subject matter alone, so focused, it only heightens the passion of the work. But even looking past the content, the technique practiced in these pieces show off a talent that everyone should be keeping an eye on.

Cahill Wessel's Provocative Visions

Erotica // Friday, September 12, 2014
Cahill Wessel is an artist working out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He spends his time drawing pictures of this crazy world we live in. 'It is a world of great wonder, limitless chaos, and exceptional beauty. My work attempts to explore our modern circumstance and the situations we encounter everyday….' he states.

SUZANNAH SINCLAIR "Nature Nudes and Interiors" @ Samsøñ, Boston

Erotica // Friday, September 12, 2014
One of Juxtapoz' favorite artists, Suzannah Sinclair, just opened a new series of works at Samsøñ in Boston, Mass, "Nature Nudes and Interiors." We have always loved the SInclair's almost throwback style of watercolor and pencil drawings, but the addition of the nature and interior works, juxtaposed with the nostalgic nudes, makes for a compelling series that we wish we could make it out to Boston to check out. 


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