In Erotica: I Love Lingerie

Erotica // Monday, October 03, 2011
Lingerie company, Lascivious, created a pack of erotic playing cards earlier in the year with the help of I Love Dust, a multi-disciplinary, London based design boutique. This design firm, located in a converted tool-makers shop, specializes in the different monumental categories of art, from graphic design and illustration to animation and trend prediction.

In Erotica: Valya by T.C.COR

Erotica // Monday, October 03, 2011
Stunningly erotic graphite portrait of New York based fetish model Valya by the talented anatomical illustrator, T.C.COR. With an an amazing sense of accuracy in depicting the sensuality of the female form, T.C.COR has been creating fetish and fantasy portraits out of Warren, Michigan that capture the lust and passion of both his subjects and his craft.

In Erotica: Photography-Factory's Incredible Glitter

Erotica // Monday, October 03, 2011
The gorgeously cinematic slow-motion shoot of my all time favorite Glitter Booty Slap. A production from UK based creatives at the Photography Factory. 'No harm done, Lola giggled a little and said it was all normal for her and that she had suffered much worse in the name of art or curiosity. We learned a lot from the results, but...there is one strange thing. Everyone who was there that day is still finding tiny little bits of red glitter turning up everywhere in their daily life...'

In Erotica: Megan K Eagles

Erotica // Sunday, October 02, 2011
To get you through till Monday, we'll leave you with these freshly smokin' images from photographer Megan K Eagles. Sunday just got a whole lot better. Enjoy!

Erotic Cartoon GIF's PT. 2!!

Erotica // Sunday, October 02, 2011
Happy Sunday Erotica fans! Here's your part 2 of the Cartoon GIF weekend!!  Hopefully your favorite cartoon celebrities in compromising positions, poorly animated will tide you through until Friday! Enjoy x

In Erotica: Fat Monk

Erotica // Saturday, October 01, 2011
Special Saturday treat: Body architect Lucy McRae makes her debut as a director with this kaleidoscopic dance clip for Australian synth-pop outfit Rat Vs Possum.

GIF IT TO ME Friday NITE!! Cartoon Edition!

Erotica // Friday, September 30, 2011
Its the weekend you've all been waiting for!! This week's animated GIF's (totally NSFW if you have the weekend shift) are every part as amazing as usual, but with a little bonus cartoon fetish in there. Stay tuned for Part 2 of Erotic Cartoon GIFs this weekend with our special collection of explicit Charlie Brown, The Simpsons and Ren and Stimpy animations!!

In Erotica: Jakal

Erotica // Friday, September 30, 2011
During the 80's elusive erotic artist Jakal created a number of illustrations for the leather magazine Drummer (1975-1998), illustrating typical S&M scenarios with physically idealized yet seemingly attainable young men.

In Erotica: Disenchanted

Erotica // Friday, September 30, 2011
"Disenchanted" is a series of paintings from up-and-coming Mexican artist José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros. Appropriating beloved Disney heroes and heroines, Ontiveros places them in the darker human realities of perversion, voyeurism, and addiction. He also utilizes the contextual irony of his work to tackle more complicated issues, such as sexuality and faith.

In Erotica: Martine Johanna

Erotica // Thursday, September 29, 2011
Martine Johanna is a Dutch contemporary artist living and working in Amsterdam. For her illustrations Johanna works with plain graphite and paper, allowing the personas and landscapes of her work to spontaneously come into being, a hypnotic process that gives her an active creative outlet for releasing her thoughts and emotions.


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