Embroidered Erotica

Erotica // Thursday, October 13, 2011
Artist Alaina Varonne is a self-admitted 'chronic craftserbator,' focusing her carnal mania for handiwork into a series of sexually charged embroidered designs. Using the tactile quality of the thread to her advantage, Varonne heightens the sensuality and fleshy quality of her pieces, creating work that arouses as much as it amuses.

Adventures in Junqueland

Erotica // Wednesday, October 12, 2011
We are head over heels for Portland-based illustrator and comics artist Jason 'JFish' Fischer's new series "Junqueland," a bold foray into the very bizarre world of monster porn comics. Fischer's graphic, funny, and unusually arousing work can be seen all this month in the sexually charged group show "Monsterbation," at the Pony Club Gallery in Portland, OR.

Marianna Ignataki

Erotica // Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Located in Beijing, Marianna Ignataki has been around the world with her illustrations, moving from Greece to France to China. Her artwork is technically soft and sweet, but her subject matter becomes bizarre through her depictions of bodies transforming into eachother and abnormal human scenarios. 

Brendan Danielsson

Erotica // Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Brendan Danielsson, Atlanta-based artist, entwines ugliness with beauty in his magnificently obscure paintings. He creates art that may interest the viewer, however spectacularly vulgar it may be, and exposes the extravagance of the distorted. 

Laura Harte's Naughty Needle

Erotica // Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Toronto based artist, illustrator and crafts-person Laura Harte creates adorable little erotic embroideries and scenes of love and lust with her needle and thread... what an innocent way to pass the time...

Faiyaz Jafri

Erotica // Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Faiyaz Jafri is a New York based digital artist fascinated with creating glossy sci-fi vixens, computer generated nymphs, Bambies and voluptuous peaches, placing them in his very own virtual world. The cold perfection of the digital form is ripe with questions of sexual identity. We're hooked.

Polly Borland

Erotica // Tuesday, October 11, 2011
In her playfully staged photographs, artist Polly Borland explores the dichotomy between what we see as beautiful verses grotesque. Inspired by the circus with a love of all things theatrical, she designs provocative costumes that are stitched by prisoners and donned by models to create raw, intriguing photographs.

Sandokan's erotic playground

Erotica // Tuesday, October 11, 2011
A strangely intimate collection of simple illustrations by French artist Sandokan. His work displays a deeply erotic fantasy world of miniature, sensual nudes, pocket sized lovers and explores what it would be like to literally have them wrapped around your little finger.

Van Arno

Erotica // Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Primarily working in the illustrative music business, Van Arno, encapsulates the whimsy of erotica. By illustrating strong women in his work, he brings forth a sense of power and intensity.

John Ross

Erotica // Monday, October 10, 2011
John Ross emphasizes the macabre and the beautiful, when he captures the drips of blood on the human form through his photography. Based in London, his style of horror and elegance coincide in a bloodbath of shapes. 


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