In Erotica: Domingo Orejudos

Erotica // Friday, October 07, 2011
Domingo Orejudos uses a limited palette to create these homo-erotic illustrations. His drawings depict the male form at its physical best, and bring a simplicity to it as well.

In Erotica: Exquisite Omar Ortiz

Erotica // Thursday, October 06, 2011
Mexican Omar Ortiz uses human body as main element in its work. His hyper-realistic artwork is surprisingly exquisite, and comparable to hanging out with life-size erotic nude models all day. Strikingly accurate!!

In Erotica: Skipping Slow Motion

Erotica // Thursday, October 06, 2011
Using a Vision Research Phantom HD slow motion camera shooting at 1000 frames per second, the folks at Photography-Factory, based in the UK, were able to capture the bodacious Sophia's smallest movement in clear and riveting detail. Who knew skipping could be so sexy?

In Erotica: Tom Bagshaw

Erotica // Wednesday, October 05, 2011
For his personal work, Tom Bagshaw, has created a digital painting style through which he explores themes of fantasy, beauty and mysticism. The juxtaposition between the dark, creepy elements, and the sometimes humorous elements provide details that the viewer is eager to discover.

In Erotica: Deanne Cheuk

Erotica // Wednesday, October 05, 2011
New York-based illustrator, Deanne Cheuk, released her first book, Mushroom Girls Virus, as a beautifully illustrated guide to different varieties of fungi, edible and otherwise. She became an art director at the young age of nineteen and has worked with many different publications, including Tokion Magazine.  

In Erotica: Rankin and Hirst

Erotica // Wednesday, October 05, 2011
Will you be in LA between 13th October and 5th Nov? Don’t miss the  Myths, Monsters & Legends exhibition a showcasing  the collaboration between long-term friends Rankin and Damien Hirst. “The project is an exploration of imagined narratives and monsters of past civilizations, viewed through a modern lens”

In Erotica: Ashkan Honarvar

Erotica // Wednesday, October 05, 2011
The human body, torn by acts of war, exploited by the sex industry, or used as tool in searching for identity, is the focus point of the paintings, drawings and collages of Ashkan Honarvar. Where this fascination of the dark side of the human existence comes from is something Ashkan Honarvar tries to define in his art.

In Erotica: Ali Kheradyar at Western Project Gallery

Erotica // Tuesday, October 04, 2011
Ali Kheradyar's  intimately cropped potraits of her own pubic hair are matted with Betty Hair Dye - a dye specifically designed for the pubic region. In Kheradyar's words, “I started asking a lot of questions: What was this practice about? The commercialization of the female? Consumerism? Color?....

In Erotica: Esra Roise

Erotica // Tuesday, October 04, 2011
Norwegian illustrator Esra Roise doesn't have to look far for inspiration, as everyday situations, snapshot photography with it's impulsiveness and weird angles,  and awkwards moments all provide a strong influence for her to draw from.

In Erotica: Miles Aldridge

Erotica // Tuesday, October 04, 2011
Miles Aldrich, fashion photographer from the UK and rock n' roller from birth, uses striking models and bold colors to create his visual compositions.