Graphite Drawings from Grafandarq

Erotica // Friday, May 09, 2014
Uruguay artist Grafandarq works mostly with graphite pencil which may give us an indication as to the meaning of his name. Simple and sexy sketches of semi-nude women are really all we can ask for.

Jen Mundy's Bi-Weekly Challenge

Erotica // Thursday, May 08, 2014
Illustrator Jen Mundy manages a website called Bi-Weekly Challenge. This site is meant to connect artists to inspire one another and create a community around making art. The goal is to get artists to work outside of their comfort zone...

Barrett Biggers' "Zero Suit"

Erotica // Thursday, May 08, 2014
Illustrator Barrett Biggers can often be found hash-tagging words like nerd, sexy and Nintendo. This piece is definitely a combination of these three chosen words. Barrett says "I'm on a Samus Metroid kick...

The Fiery Works of Javier G. Pacheco

Erotica // Thursday, May 08, 2014
Spanish artist Javier G. Pacheco can often be found combining themes involving snakes, sharks and outer space in his works. These surreal, mixed media pieces all incorporate the color red...

Lenka and The Darkness

Erotica // Wednesday, May 07, 2014
As a twenty-something year old illustrator and comic artist, Lenka Simeckova finds beauty in the darkness. While the characters she portrays can often be a little on the morbid side, there is a provocative elegance and classic appeal to her haunting works. 

In Bed with Kaethe Butcher

Erotica // Wednesday, May 07, 2014
Kaethe Butcher is a young illustrator in Germany with an unavoidable attraction to provocative, erotic renderings. Her straight forward, simple illustrations and glimpses of skin are just what we needed today. Thank you Kaethe <3

Levi Jacobs' Graphic Beauties

Erotica // Wednesday, May 07, 2014
The work of Levi Jacobs ranges from graphic, minimal renderings to provocative collage, commercial illustration and everything in between. We are loving the playful work of this Dutch artist that is currently living and working in The Netherlands. 

The Work of Barbara Kramer

Erotica // Wednesday, May 07, 2014
This beautiful selection of provocative renderings were brought to you by Barbara Kramer, an artist, illustrator and fashion designer out in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Not a bad selection to get us through the week... enjoy. 

Gustave Courbet's Classical Erotica

Erotica // Tuesday, May 06, 2014
Gustave Courbet was a french painter who some claim to have led the realist movement in 19th-century french painting. He also worked with social issues and addressed peasantry in his paintings, some of which have a tenuous erotic undertone.

Jan Esmann's Faces

Erotica // Tuesday, May 06, 2014
Jan Esmann paints photorealistic portraits of people with their heads tilted back, eyes shut, mouths wide open. Some people think his subjects are asleep or dead, but we in the erotica section have other theories.


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