Erik Foss does his version of the sexy alphabet with WORD series

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 16 Dec 2010

Again, we are here, trying our best to curate your Holiday gift-giving plans. We have a new idea for you: Erik Foss naughty alphabet t-shirts. Foss brought his sexy alphabet pieces, titled WORD, to SCOPE with Anonymous Gallery this past Art Basel, with each letter being comprised of an artful arrangement of scantily clad ladies of the evening. Now you can buy a tee of the pieces.

The subjects are mostly from 1970's pornography, and probably not the type of gift you give if grandma is in the room, unless grandma was a fan of Marilyn Chambers back in the day.

So if you want the "O" or the "W", you can purchase the formation as a t-shirt at Anonymous Gallery's webstore.




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