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Emerging Artist: Brezo

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 10 Sep 2008

New York native Brezo is a lady of many talents. Not only does she make striking paintings and drawings, but she also creates puppets and costumes. Oh, and she’s one badass street artist too.

Put all that together and you may begin to understand why she’s currently featured as a special guest artist at Corey Helford Gallery, in conjunction with Eric Joyner’s Artificial Enlightenment, up now through September 27th, 2008.

“I've been drawing, painting, making puppets, costumes, and masks since I was old enough to sit up by myself," states Brezo. “I've always been encouraged by friends and family to keep on keeping on.”

As Brezo’s first gallery show in Los Angeles, and her biggest gallery show to date, the showing with Corey Helford marks a turning point for the artist in more ways than one. She recently re-located to Los Angeles from New York, a rare yet understandable choice for such a multi-gifted artist. Brezo currently has 10 oil on hand-stretched canvas paintings on display at the Gallery. Something tells us this is just the beginning, however.

Brezo spent her first year of art school at School of Visual Arts in NYC and finished off at Buffalo State College with a BFA in painting and minor degree in art history. And her street art? Well, that she learned from the streets, of course. Okay, and maybe the holiday season, as her paste-ups are made from gift-wrap and black sharpie marker. “My ‘street art’ is continuously being stolen from the sides of buildings, but I'm ok with that,” she says.

When asked about her inspiration, Brezo replied, “Real life, my life, the lives of other people...heartbreak, tragedy, love, children, David Bowie, Italian circuses, unicorns, and torture chambers.” Just what you thought, right?

What does this talented lady do when she’s not gift-wrapping city walls? “Making clothes, masks, singing and dancing, pretending to be David Bowie [we see a theme here…] paste-ups, daydreaming, journal writing, eating, sleeping, and falling hopelessly in love.”

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