Embedded at Art Basel, and at Robert Williams' screening

Juxtapoz // Friday, 03 Dec 2010

Jason Jaworski continues his trek around Art Basel, this time heading around with David Choe to various Fairs and screenings. We sent him along to Robert Williams' screening to check out the scene, as well as see some George Condo work and that guy in the all red above.

First, Jason and David Choe share a sandwich:

The Art Basel Vernissage:

Dave and Sam looking at a Cy Twombly piece:

A vibrating room of lights, glass and mirrors:

Dave and George Condo, and because Jason didn't have a press badge, he wasn't allowed to take photos, but he shot some shit on the sly anyway:

The Robert Williams Mr. Bitchin' film screening. Jason arrives early:

Carlo McCormick and producer Nancye Ferguson above, with Tony Shafrazi below:

Dave and Tury at the Soho House, with Dave showing some "suggestive material" on his phone:



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