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El Mac/Retna x Upper Playground: Montana Colors Artist Can

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 24 Sep 2009


I was always impressed by Retna’s eclectic technique, his lines, his calligraphy: his handstyle is awesome. I had the pleasure to personally meet El Mac some weeks ago and I found not just a pure talented artist, also a really genuine person. Their work together is a perfect combination, well, even more, a symbiosis! Their styles fit together in such great harmony!
-Angelo Lospinuso from Montana Colors

Each of these artists has developed his own distinctive style and technique; Retna is renowned especially for his bold calligraphic brushwork, and Mac for his uniquely stylized painting of lifelike faces and figures; El Mac uses spraypaint and Retna uses spraypaint and acrylic for paintings; oil, acrylic, enamel, pencil, and other mediums on paper, canvas, and wood.

El Mac and Retna have combined forces a number of times in recent years, and have gained increasing attention and applause for the powerful and beautiful murals they’ve painted in Los Angeles and several other cities around the globe. Last month, they released Alianza, a 96-page hardcover book that highlights their collaborations, along with a selection of individual paintings and photos by each artist, as well as a collection of lifestyle photos, photos of the artists working and their travels, and close-up views of the murals themselves.

The MTN x UP El Mac/Retna Limited Edition artist can and Alianza are available now in limited quantities and will be sold at Upper Playground retail stores and online on the Upper Playground web store.



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