Eat Yours and Others Websites with a New Kind of Katamari

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 15 Mar 2011

Ever desired to roll around the world in a giant hamster ball and collect/crush/destroy everything you could trample upon?  Well those famaliar with the game Katamari Damacy have been endulging themselves for 7 years now, you too can now enjoy this great treasure of a simplistic game...but with a twist.

Created by Alex Leone, David Nufer, and David Truong, a small bookmarklet is all thats need to play a "lite" version of this game in any browser, on any website! Roll around an collect words and smaller items first, but as you start to grow in size, soon images and ads will be fair game for you to pick up and bloat yourself with. It takes words at first and seperates them into span elements allowing CSS transform to maniuplate the words, however the real magic is the javascript used to manipulate and shape the ball itself.

As browsers move closer and closer to being able to handle serious gaming, clever and creative uses of this power will certainly grow, but for now this should do as a decent enough time waster at work.

via Geekologie.

Get the Katamari Hack here. Trust us, it will take a few hours of your day in a good way.







And this is playing Quake in a browser, another way browsers can handle gaming: