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DVS1 x David Choe’s Magic Horse Comes Back to Life

Juxtapoz // Friday, 22 Oct 2010

Originally the piece by David Choe and DVS1 created during Nuart 2009 appeared too strong for the public, and certainly for the owner of the wall, who angrily pointed out that an evil devil riding a cyber stallion with a massive hard on into his family bistro, was not what he had in mind when first approached.


Nuart continues to report:


The piece was subsequently whitewashed and replaced by a Skewville storefront piece. As the Skewville pasteups have been removed, the devil horse is reappearing from the hinterlife. Could be something to do with the guys recent flirtation with the nine levels of hell.


We've read an abundance of articles on how the ephemeral and transient nature of street art is intrinsic to the form, but this is the first time we've ever witnessed a piece come back to life.