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Dream Girls group show, SF: Event Photos

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 18 Apr 2007
Amandalynn has this to say about her experience curating Dream Girls, "As always, the artists who particpated in this show really made it outstanding. Each one has thier own unique style, talent, and personality. I love working with such dedicated artists and couldn't have been happier about anything...this truly was a tribute to the 'Dream Girls' of the world."

Photos courtesy of the curator, Amanda Lynn

Prairie Prince
Renee Fontana, Amanda Lynn, Krista Valla.
Renee Fontana, Amanda Lynn, Krista Valla
Robin Grass, Shawn A Peters, Saber, Chris Kelly
Gallery From The Back
Fate, Lily, Push, Holly Ellis, Reyes
Dean Reppin Goorin
Lone Shapiro
Lucien Shapiro
The Mac, Jason Grace, Joe Levi
Margarreta Jo, Marcus Pache
Margaretta Jo
Mark Waysl, Krista Valla
Megan Shaffer

Norm, Pete The Painter, Retna, Phil Holt
Shawn Alan Peters
Shawn Barber, Lucien, Jessica Cooke, Dame
Skot Ramsay, David Flores, Jarrid Henderson
Wise, Noble, Bert Krak
Yutaro, Stormie, Megan Shaffer, Craig Driscoll

See also the gallery will be open from 5pm - 8pm through April 20th.



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