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Down the Ganges with Swimming Cities

Juxtapoz // Sunday, 27 Sep 2009

New York based art group Swimming Cities collective (including the likes of Jux favorites like Swoon, Monical Canilao, and more) will embark on a new voyage through India in mid March 2010 on the Ganges River.

“We begin the journey with the Kumbh Mela festival in Hardiwar (the largest human gathering on the planet), and travel on the Ganges River through Uttar Pradesh to our destination city, Varanasi,” writes the Swimming Cities crew.

“Our team of artists, mechanics, and performers will collaborate with South Asian artists, musicians, and tradesmen to create a fleet of sculptural river craft. Once in Varanasi, the separate crafts will link together to form a single vessel and floating stage where we will present a series of performances inspired by the experience of our immersion into Indian culture.

“The Swimming Cities project and its past incarnation, the Miss Rockaway Armada, have each year explored our historical and societal connection to the rivers and waterways, traveling with handmade rafts, gleaning inspiration, friendship, and knowledge. This year’s projects is the most ambitious and far-reaching yet, as we travel farther from home, and expand to include larger-scale collaborations.”

We haven’t heard of a cooler project in quite some time and cannot wait to see how this latest project pans out.

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